There’s profit everywhere!

Boy or GirlSometimes you look for ways of making money and sometimes they find you.

Last month my better half gave me the good news that she was pregnant with our second child, yikes! It wasn’t long after I had heard of a test you can do online, is it a boy or a girl?

In the UK it is a sad fact that at the 20 week pregnancy scan they can no longer tell you the sex of your child as it leaves them open to being sued {sigh}. So they won’t say anymore unlike first time round when we had our son, some people prefer a surprise, I don’t, I prefer to plan ahead so when a company offers the ability to send away a blood sample and tell you to within 99% the sex of your child at 8 weeks into the pregnancy I find that appealing!

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Get ahead of the game with your next domain

Domain BugIt might come as no surprise to some of you but I have to say I have caught the domain bug, it is a bit like gambling on future events really and for me I am happy to place money on the fact that these are land prices that shall rise in value for some time to come.

I’m never really content just following a huge crowd of people on safe bets when it comes to making money, in the world of making money online through website and domains I think it is fair to say there is a very large crowd nowadays and it is growing all the time. Most forums are so heavily diluted with poor domains and duplicate turnkey sites it’s hard to see anything of value at times. What I have done recently applies to possible website ideas as well as looking to put some money down on domain names for future profit.

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Finding the Idea

Some people seem to come up with new business and site ideas really easily whilst others struggle to see an opportunity when it’s staring them in the face. I find if you put your self in the right mindset ideas and opportunities spring up all over the place.

To me the right mindset involves having an open mind and actively looking for inspiration. The following are a few examples of ideas I’ve thought of but haven’t taken any further (yet).
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Business ideas & how they did it.

howtheydidit.jpgI have 2 new business ideas for you to ponder over and give your thoughts to their viability sent in from readers of our blog. A good idea often comes from the ability to look at something that is done already and find a way to do it better.

I started reading a book called “How they started “(Amazon UK) yesterday, which covers 30 well known businesses that were started without any large existing capital or family connections, basically one person or a small group of people that had an idea and how that was transformed into a successful business. Looks very good from what I have read so far so may be of interest to some of you, not sure if it’s availability outside of the UK as yet.

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Ideas for a $100+ a day website

Money TreeSticking with Thursday’s topic of website ideas I was chatting to someone at the weekend who has a few small websites but seems to be sitting around waiting for one big idea which he hoped would be the break between playing about online part-time and making more serious money.

A successful site that can generate $100+ per day is his main aim, or at present his dream because he is sitting doing nothing about it waiting for a sudden Eureka moment.

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Your business ideas, hot or not!

IdeaSome of us are ideas people, others are more practical and better at doing. I would probably put myself more in the ‘ideas’ bracket. The worst thing about having ideas is that more often than not you don’t act on them. The worst thing about not acting on a good idea is that it can become obsolete or end up being done by someone else.

Working by yourself means that you don’t often get the chance to have an idea discussed and either shot down in flames or given the thumbs up, so I suggest that we use this blog to discuss ideas submitted by you!

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Property Developing Online - Part 1 - Finding the gems

For saleProperty developing online is comparable with property developing offline in many ways with valuable neglected properties that need work scattered throughout the world that could turn a profit, the main biggest difference being that doing it online means you can find a bargain without having to have a huge budget/mortgage and you can do it from the comfort of your home.

The idea is to seek out a property (website) that is either not monetised or very poorly monetised that could do with some work put into it and then buy to either add to the portfolio or sell for a profit. Older sites often rank naturally for their obvious terms and can sometimes be improved upon greatly and very easily with a little on site SEO. It doesn’t always take big bucks either, you can start with as little as $100 and turn it into something much more if you can find a good buy.

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One Big site or many sites?

Russian DollOne of the questions I came across  in 2004 that many of us do at one point or another is whether to expand your main large site, all eggs in one basket, or to branch off into lots of smaller sites.

The views SEO wise have actually changed from what I have read quite a bit over the last few years, I reached the point where my tattoo site was doing well but I wanted to add on a rate my tattoo area where users can upload their own images and vote on them. A good way for user submitted content and let the site grow.

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Mini Sites - revisited

Mini WorldI thought it time I revisited the mini sites topic again as it did generate some interest last time I talked about them and I feel I need to clear up a few questions of importance.

Q. Why not use one domain rather than lots of domains to save money

A. The initial reasoning for mini sites for many people is to find a use for domains likely already held but not used, many developers have lots of domains that are always on the to do list and never got round to so a mini site is a quick and practical use for a domain you already own.

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Finding Traffic Domains

traffic.jpgRelated somewhat to my earlier post on mini sites and also finding an old domain for a new venture it is always a great boost to get a domain name with some traffic, generic domain names often have type in traffic but cost good money, the other type of domain name with traffic is one with a history that has been used before, in this case even if it has expired you could register the domain and find it has traffic from links around the internet.

Just one of many resources that could help you find these type of domains would be a listing like such as: A complete list of graveyard game application sites no longer in use, in there will be domains that are in use/have expired/have dead pages, many of which have good backlinks and some  traffic. A graveyard for some, rich pickings for other 😉

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