Continued Improvement - The Key to Breaking Each Ceiling

onlinebusiness-1.jpgFirst of all, I would like to thank Al and Scott for the opportunity to write a guest spot for Self Made Minds every once in a while. I have known both of them for quite a while and it is amazing to think back to just a few years ago on some of the major forums where we were all just starting out in regards to truly monetizing sites. I am used to my own highly modded WordPress so please be patient if my formatting is off at all.

With that out of the way I wanted to make a post on continuous improvement. It is an area which is near and dear to my heart and one I feel is overlooked by most of those just starting out. Those who understand it and strive on it are the most successful in everything they do. I often times see people question why a millionaire writes an eBook or even why they do not just sell their valuable site(s) and retire? It is because they are deeply motivated by continuous improvement, not money. You can use that same drive to go from your site making $10 a day to breaking the $100 mark. I personally believe this is one of the hardest ceilings to break.Continue Reading

Real World Examples of the $5,000 Hour


I remember reading a while go about the five thousand dollar hour, where you spend an hour working on an idea that will earn you an extra $5K over the space of the year. I quite like that sort of hourly rate and have been fortunate to of had four such hours in the last year. So that’s an extra $20K for 4 hours work, if only every hour was that productive.

All 4 ideas were small tweaks and additions to my main site Coolest Gadgets and can easily be replicated on other sites.

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