$2000 a month for 5 minutes work & $40

Money money moneyWell seeing as this blog is about sharing and learning I am going to cover a small change that I made a few months ago as I now have sufficient stats to back up the full effect of what I did and how it has played out. Maybe not directly useful to you but perhaps the sentiment may apply to other sites.

I don’t know if any of you lot do actual sales online or whether your all predominantly bloggers or? However I tend to do a bit of everything, me being me 😉

I’m not really into drop-shipping or selling physical goods as really there is only so far you can go without taking on staff and giving up my home office which I enjoy so for actual sales I decided to get into e-sales, orders that can be taken and completed online, you have to love the internet!

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Investing in LLL.com domains

Invest in domainsI remember a few years ago share clubs were very popular and they may still be, the idea of getting together with some friends and investing together always appealed to me, and it also looked like a pretty good reason to have a ‘meeting’ over a bar lunch 🙂

My mate Ian recently came round for a game of snooker and asked if there was anything he could invest in with me, and basically offered to put money into anything I wanted to try, Ian doesn’t do any business online so this really was a leap of faith and a case of wanting to do something different, buying websites had to be ruled out quickly as I would do all the work while he would just be along for the ride, his budget was around $5000.

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Mini Sites - revisited

Mini WorldI thought it time I revisited the mini sites topic again as it did generate some interest last time I talked about them and I feel I need to clear up a few questions of importance.

Q. Why not use one domain rather than lots of domains to save money

A. The initial reasoning for mini sites for many people is to find a use for domains likely already held but not used, many developers have lots of domains that are always on the to do list and never got round to so a mini site is a quick and practical use for a domain you already own.

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A good time to invest in UK domains

UKI have developed an interest in domain names recently and although it seems that you need deeper pockets to buy anything good in the .com game I found there are opportunities in the .co.uk market that could serve as an investment for a later date, note you can buy UK domains even if you are not in the UK so no geo restrictions. 

I’d maybe see it as a long term investment that anyone can get involved in pretty cheaply just now, even better if your a website developer/builder as you can add value that way in the short term. You can buy generic words for under $100 on some forums like Acorn Domains. I don’t really have experience in this market so I decided to seek out and question someone who did!

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When to monetize a new site or blog

Blog Money
Many a website or blog are started with the sole purpose of making cash (and if you’re reading this blog I’m sure you know what I’m talking about), I know a lot of new and aspiring webmasters and questions I get asked a lot are:

  • How can I make money from my 3 hour old blog?
  • Are my ads blended enough?
  • My brother and his pet dog have been banned from Adsense how else can I make money?
  • How many ads should I put on my page?
  • I haven’t got any subscribers yet so how should I monetize my feed?

I’m a pretty helpful guy (maybe a bit selfishly helpful due to my belief in karma) and the answer I almost always give is:

  • Ask me again in 6 months

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Google checkout & online payments.

Processing online paymentsI have to thank Matt for pointing out to me last week that Google Checkout has now been opened up in the UK, this certainly appeals to me as I have a lot of small payments processed at present by Worldpay & Paypal. In fact most weeks I spend £70 on processing charges just for Worldpay.

For that reason the news the Google checkout has launched is of interest to me and they have dangled quite the carrot.

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How long will you trade hours for money?

hoursmoney.jpgSubscriptions are probably my favourite method of monetization. Sure you need a product or service and it can take a fair bit of setting up but no other method can bring the sustained and everlasting gain that subscriptions can.

Initially you need a service or product, this could be added features in a forum or a club or membership to a website, for my tattoo site I being the unskilled entrepreneur looked for a way to create a service/membership without doing much myself. I contacted a few artists through other websites and asked if they would be interested in building a library of art/images that could be offered for inspiration, the first payment from new registered members would be shared between all of us.

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Know your numbers & plan ahead

Al and I both own $10k+ a month websites and it’s fair to say we are both still learning and earning, forgetting about mini sites, domaining and one off property flipping and concentrating on one main large website will be the subject of this post.

There are some basic rules that I follow now that I’d like to share and if you run a website that is your main earner or one which you are aiming to grow into your main earner then I would consider the following points quite important.

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Can’t code, won’t code, DONT CODE!

Just to clear up some confusion there are two of us writing this blog, Al who can code and myself who, well can’t!  So far the blog has been quite positive, however we certainly don’t want to turn it into a ‘look at us’ and ‘it’s so easy’ type of thing. Personally I have made my fair share of mistakes along the way, usually because I had no idea what I was doing, so for your enjoyment today I think I’ll cover some of those hurtful lessons.

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Why earning $10,000 in a month could be losing you money.

Adsense offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers who can simply copy & paste the code and then get paid for every click on the adverts, over the last few years there has never been an easier way to monetise traffic to our websites.

Let me just make one quick point that generally those adverts are there to take your traffic and sell them a product on another website, it is therefore a good assumption that for a lot of the money publishers make they could be earning more by removing the adsense code and replacing it with good contextual CPA (Cost Per Action) adverts if you have the time, effort and dedication to make it work. For many publishers its fast, easy and convenient to use adsense and it serves it purpose very well.

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