Sedo Feautured Listing - save your cash

SedoAs a test I decided to use Sedo’s featured listing to see whether it helped offers or sales, it’s quite apparent they are not a broker in the sense that they would seek out a buyer for premium domains however they are the only real shop window so worth a test I felt.

I don’t have a great deal of domains for sale, most are for development in one form or another but chose which Sedo had previously appraised at £22,000 for this test, 2 weeks ago I paid the €39 for a featured listing.

When you order a Featured Listing for €39 your domain listing will rotate between the Sedo homepage and featured listings page for 30 days. Thirteen randomly selected Featured Listing domains are displayed on the Sedo homepage each hour while the remaining domains are displayed on the Featured Listings page.

Half way through my 30 day listing and the stats are as follows:
893 visits to the sale page
2 bids on the domain

I have to say both bids were for $100, so unless it’s a really crappy domain, which I don’t believe then it would suggest this premium is likely a waste of money, Sedo upgraded the domain to a ‘Top Domain’ which probably accounts for the larger amount of page views on the sale page.

What strikes me is why on earth would people low ball to the extent that they do on Sedo when making offers, I have had it numerous times on domains, offers like $50/$100 on domains clearly worth 4 figures, it’s not like most people using such a specific service as a domain marketplace would be blind to the value of their domains, maybe sending emails to owners but on a domain marketplace? If you can’t make a serious opening offer then your unlikely to get a serious counter bid.

The 5 month Google Images sabbatical

How long does it take Google Images to update…

Around September 1st, pretty much when Google Images implement their image labeler my Google images traffic plummeted on my tattoo site.

Unlike many others, I always benefited pretty well from the traffic that Google images supplied, probably because my site is image based, that traffic converted well into Adsense earnings and library subscribed members so I quickly felt the pinch.

The traffic briefly came back and then flatlined, nothing on site had changed.

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No use crying over spilt milk

4000It has been an interesting week for me so far, I was feeding my daughter Eve and with no warning she managed to throw up her milk all across my keyboard, there was no saving it so I had to do some research for a new one, I wanted something that was ergonomic after last year when I changed to a vertical mouse which helped a slight RSI.

With that in mind I opted for a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 which is a split keyboard, it arrived this morning and I have to admit I am finding it tough at the start to adjust so I’ll be a man of few words today until I get used to it.Continue Reading

Real Life Example of an Organic Clickbank Promotion

Analytics for iPhone Games

I’ve mentioned in a few posts how I experimented with ClickBank last year, I never went into any great detail as it was one of those things that would of been really easy to duplicate. However I find you don’t see many real life example on how programs convert and as I’m not really pushing it any more I thought it would be good to share my findings and results.

The page in question is this one on iPhone Games and it pushes the ClickBank program iPhone Nova (a pay once, download as much as you like service). The page came about when I received this email from a guy called Silver:
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Progress made with some investments

UpdateI am going to do an update on a little sideline project that covers a couple of points and posts that I have mentioned before.

Last June while having a  game of snooker with a good friend of mine Ian who runs his own joinery company, we talked about wanting to invest a bit of cash with each other into something different as a bit of fun and an experiment, a bit like those stock clubs you used to get which would give us a good reason if we ever needed it to meet up and chew the fat.

Investing in domains

I suggested that we could buy an as an investment which we did and still own, tucked away for a future investment, we paid $9k for it and I would expect it to be worth $10-$15k just now, so that is ticking along fine.Continue Reading

Comparison of Inline Text Ad Networks

Comparison of Inline Text Ad

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been running a test between a few different inline advertisements. The ones I’ve been testing are:

  • Chitika Linx
  • Kontera ContentLink
  • Context Links

All of the advertisements work in a similar way, they double underline relevent phrases on your page which when hovered over popup an advertisement balloon which includes an appropriate image and text which when clicked takes your visitor off to a suitable shop. Both Chitika and Kontera pay you per click whilst Amazon pays you a commission on any thing that is sold.

I only display inline text ads on a subset of my pages (I do not display them on my main index page or new posts as I feel they could annoy regular readers), for the purposes of this test I split page views equally between each network, so there would be only one sort of inline ad on each page. So here are my findings:

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The Coolest Blog Ads Experiment

I set myself a goal for this Christmas season and that is to earn an extra $50K over November and December. To achieve this goal I’m using a few techniques that are new to me, so far some have been very successful whilst others proved a good learning experience. For obvious reasons I don’t want to share everything that I’m doing (probably will in the New Year) but I’d like share something I’ve been running for the last couple of weeks, it has broken even but I am certain with a few tweaks somebody could make a lot more out of it, I’m going to call this “The Coolest Blog Ads Experiment“.

In my daily gadget search I came across what I think is a very cool product (in a “I’m a complete geek” kind of way), the Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, it’s an animated T-Shirt that, you guessed it, displays the strength of any Wi-Fi networks that you’re within range of. So I did the obligatory gadget post and earned a bit of commission by selling a few but it also got me thinking.
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Case Study - Don’t replicate my domain leasing faux pas

My plans for world domination ran into erm…… a bit of brick wall this week, if you want a laugh then I suggest you read on 😉

This is on the subject of leasing domains and my previous post where I talked about becoming an internet landlord, if you remember that post I mentioned a domain I was going to test it out with, I had spotted replica weapons on Sedo and I had bought it for £261. I liked this product related domain.

I gave the domain a simple homepage and gave it a few backlinks to get it spidered, within 2 weeks it was indexed and showing up at around No.7 in for ‘replica weapons’ nice!Continue Reading

Case Study - Boat Classifieds

Motor BoatI know people like examples of sites and case studies so I am going to throw another one out there today, I bought a few sites & classified sites recently one of which is Boats4Sale which I intend to keep for the long term. Boats 4 Sale was an old classified site that was built around the end of 2002.

How did I find it
I was doing a general search for old scripts and this site was running an ezclassified script, as anyone can do and I talked about last week.Continue Reading