Finding Paid Writers

Paid Writers
When I first started out blogging I used to write all the content myself, it didn’t take me long to realise that this is exceedingly time consuming and puts limits on how much you can produce in any given day. I’m also somewhat dyslexic so I have to triple check everything that I write (spelling and grammar checkers are my friends) . Investing in paid writers makes it a lot easier to maintain regular updates to a site or blog and help it grow, but finding good paid writers can be difficult, in this post I’ll share where all the writers for CG came from. Continue Reading

Why ethical blogging is good for your business

earlI’m a firm believer in karma and the philosophy of doing to others as you want done to you and in the blogging world I find this rings particularly true.

One of the things I always do when reporting on a story I found on another site is link to them as the source. Other than just being plain polite (they did find the story first after all) it also offers various benefits:
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First bit of traffic to the $100K Site


I launched Coolest Gadgets back on August 18th 2005, like many people a lot of what I did was via trial and error. From the offset I wanted to have multiple posts per day which I soon realised takes a lot of bloody work so I took on a paid writer very early on.

I found my first paid writer, Anita via Digital Point, one thing I always try to do is compliment a job well done publicly and criticise privately. I posted a personal review about Anita’s work on DP which resulted in Anita getting more work and me a good reputation (hopefully), the only downside being Anita got so busy she had to turn down some other work I wanted doing. Anita carried on writing for CG for about 6 months and I still see her stories cropping up in comments and search engines to this day. I will be doing a post later on about finding good paid writers.
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