Accidentaly Improving Adsense Income

tribal.gifThis is another of those posts about sharing experiences and experiments. A couple of months ago I reported on the revenue streams of one of my sites and how the biggest slice of pie revenue was taken by Adsense and how I wanted to increase other income sources to minimize this dependency.

One of the other revenue streams I looked at was Tribal Fusion. They are a CPM ad network meaning you get paid per impression rather than per click. I implemented them a couple of months ago and placed a 468×60 banner at the top of each page, a vertical banner on the left navigation bar and rectangle in between posts on index pages. These ad positions were previously not used for anything constructive so any income generated should just be an addition, thus reducing the Adsense percentage and increasing the income to boot.
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Adsense Goals

There are plenty of income streams available on the Net with Adsense being the most popular and easiest to get started with. One of the things I’ve found that has really helped me grow my Adsense earnings is the setting of goals, I didn’t set goals at the start which is probably one of the reasons I got off to a somewhat slow one.

A chart clearly displaying your goals with dates is a great motivator. With my goal chart I have it clearly visible at home, this serves as an ongoing reminder and was a great motivator in the early days when friends snigger at the low earnings.

This is my chart so far.

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Make More Money by Analyzing Your Adsense Stats

I am something of a stats head and can easily spend hours going over traffic graphs, Adsense screens and referral logs. One of the great things about the web is the shear amount of stats available, you don’t need to employ mystery shoppers or send out surveys to your customers, you can simply install a script and find out more information about your visitors than you’ll ever need.

One thing you need to be cautious of is checking stats for the sake of checking stats. Like most webmasters when I first started out with Adsense I’d be checking income every hour or so to see if there’d been any clicks, a complete waste of time but difficult to resist. As income goes up it does get easier though I still find myself checking at least once per day, especially when approaching milestones.

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Why earning $10,000 in a month could be losing you money.

Adsense offers a contextual advertising solution to web publishers who can simply copy & paste the code and then get paid for every click on the adverts, over the last few years there has never been an easier way to monetise traffic to our websites.

Let me just make one quick point that generally those adverts are there to take your traffic and sell them a product on another website, it is therefore a good assumption that for a lot of the money publishers make they could be earning more by removing the adsense code and replacing it with good contextual CPA (Cost Per Action) adverts if you have the time, effort and dedication to make it work. For many publishers its fast, easy and convenient to use adsense and it serves it purpose very well.

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Mini Sites don’t always make mini money

mini.jpgI love mini sites!

Definition: A mini site is a small website with a very narrow subject focus and have their own identity often on their own domain name.

Mini sites offer several functions and can be used for PPC Adsense adverts or affiliate sales or product promotion, they tackle one narrow subject with an article and can be a single page or a few pages in size.

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Don’t let Adsense get you down

chart.jpgAll too often we see complaints about a sudden decrease in adsense and often curse it as one of those things over which we have no control, to be fair I have seen this myself which caused me to do a bit of research on the matter and find a solution.

During January I noticed earnings for a site drop from around $200+ per day head towards $100 which is a large drop and pretty unacceptable so an investigation was needed.

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