Fancy Joining Us in San Diego? - Think Tank 2010


Last year I travelled loads and did more conferences than I care to remember (I was out of the country for over 3 months in total). This year, I’ve been a lot more choosy about which which events I’ve attended based on the benefit (and enjoyment) I’d get from them.

So far I’ve done both Think Visibilities, Dom sure knows how to organise awesome events (Jason wrote a cool review about it here, I should do the same but I’ll outsource his instead). And in the summer my daughter and I went to the Existem AM Summer BBQ.

Out of these 3 events I didn’t attend a single complete session! The reason for this is I use events and conferences to network, form relationships and learn and share knowledge with like minded people (your learn a lot more from folk in the after hours than you ever will in a conference session).

So the reason for this post is that next event I’m off to (and likely my last one of the year), is Think Tank in Del Mar, San Diego. This is, and will be my third Think Tank, which I hope shows how important I feel it is. Cost of entry is high at $3,000 for 3 days but every attendee I’ve known has made that back and often many fold over.

I’ve chatted with Doctor David Klein (aka DK) who organises it and we both feel it would benefit from more than one Brit in attendance (I get lonely and home sick), so even tho it’s sold out (think it sold out in the first week it was announced) a few more folk from this side of the pond are welcome. DK has offered an amazing discount to compensate for the cost of having to travel across the pond (he’s asked me not to say how much it is publicly but it’s awesome).

This is an invitation only event so you will need to know me either on or offline as I’ll have to vouch for you. I’m gaining nothing out of promoting this other than hopefully having a fellow countryman to share an awesome experience with. Leave a comment below or drop me a message if interested and I’ll do the introductions.

I could explain what Think Tank is all about but if you’re serious about it I’m sure Google will do a better job 🙂

About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. Sounds like good fun - with a bit more notice I/we would have loved this - maybe next year.

  2. Thanks Al. Yes, we need to expose more Americans to other countries and perspectives. I greatly appreciate you writing this, and of course you know how much fun we will be having. I have a lot of interesting new twists for this years event. 🙂

  3. Sounds great, shame more Brits aren’t going along.
    Still too much for me (flights and ticket) but I am thinking this time next year it may well be withing budget as my earnings continue to increase even through this god awful crisis which I am highly exposed to.
    Hope you find some good company - enjoy!

  4. Dang, this sounds like a blast. I just moved to the Mid-West from CA. Too bad but Sounds like a great thing going on and I’m sure it is helpful to folks like us trying to earn a living online.

  5. Saw this originally by Ian Fernando who is going to be attending the Think Tank event, wish I could go myself but I am nowhere near the level of the guys who will be attending, still though one day I will get there! Should be awesome reading the post-event details of bloggers who attend.

    Till then,


  6. Maybe once i got $3000 to throw around I’ll look into this.
    Until then, I’ll keep envying! 😀

    Have fun Al!

  7. This is an american sales trick, no one falls anymore.

    Oh we are sold out. but we still have one ticket.

    Oh it was $3000 and not only $1370. Of course just for you. shoot me an email.

    • That is why we needed more Europeans!
      We need to learn some good European tips for sales. 🙂
      (but it is sold out now, and we got some amazing additions!)

      Al, we are going to have some fun!

  8. Michael Heathman says:

    Hey Al, get shold me regarding HM, you can ask Mike or someone.

  9. Al- I has been nice meeting you at Think Tank. Let me know if you need anything game related. Cheers!

  10. Hi Al:), Were you at the AdTech this time in London ? I was hoping to catchup with you or Scott but didn’t think anyone was around. Had some great presentations and a few fine freebies 🙂
    PS: I keep checking for new posts , every Friday , even though I have a rss subscription to your site !

  11. Android tablet Fan says:

    I was considering the Ted Conference in Sydney this year, but didn’t manage to go. Did you ever go to one?

  12. Do you do many conferences in the UK? I’d like to come along but not sure where to look for these kind of events.

  13. We increase our own experience by sharing our knowledge with like minded because in return they share their own experiences.

  14. I would love to go Al. I have not yet attended a vent like this, but someday hope to. I can understand how important these events can be. It is really awesome you were able to attend three previously to this. Anyhow I would love to hear how it all went if you have the chance.

    - Robert

  15. $3k is huge for me now. I wish to earn that much from my blog. Still learning the curves.. Wish you guys have fun.

  16. Dang, this sounds like a blast. I just moved to the Mid-West from CA. Too bad but Sounds like a great thing going on and I’m sure it is helpful to folks like us trying to earn a living online….

  17. bit pricy for me still learning with site one - have fun and good luck

  18. I did go ahead and Google Think Tank and it sounds like a conference that is worth the money. So many conferences just have guest speakers which can become rather boring after awhile. This sounds like a great opportunity to learn and gain experience. I will have to look into things deeper for future events.

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