Win a Ticket to Think Visibility (or at least get a 30% discount)

Think Visibility Conference - Saturday 12 September 2009

I was speaking to my friend Dom AKA @TheHodge a few days ago about the next Think Visibility conference that he’s organising. I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from the first one and for the one next month I am lined up on some mystery panel alongside Chris Garrett, Patrick Altoft and Kieron Donoghue (I’ve no idea what the panel is about but knowing Hodge it will be fun).

Anyway it turned out that Think Visibilty still didn’t have a primary sponsor and as it’s pretty related to my latest site Conference Calendar, I thought it would be a good marketing experiment to offer sponsorship, so that’s what we’ve done (I will report back after the event about the ROI).

I was able to talk Dom into giving our readers an awesome discount code of 30% (details on the Conference Calendar Think Visibility page), so if you haven’t booked your ticket yet now is the time (it was good value before, now it’s a must see).

I’ve also got a few tickets I can give away, the first of which will be to a SMM reader. Simply leave a comment on this post explaining why you would like to attend and we’ll choose a winner that we think has the best reason.

Good luck and if you don’t win at least you’ll be able to benefit from the 30% discount.

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Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. A secret panel that sounds fun I’m sure and did I hear the word gundge being mentioned….

    I’m also going to be doing a pre Think Visibility free seminar for Attendees so if your into metrics, behaviour modelling. Or put simply put you want to make some serious money out of understanding your users on your landing page then this will be a great way to start Think Visibility…

    End of plug though will replug when more details are available.

  2. I’ve already got my ticket, oh well (I paid 90% face value too. 🙁 ). A great opportunity for people to grab a ticket though.

    Al, have you managed to convince Scott to come along?


  3. I would like a free ticket because I have honestly never been to a conference because i have never been able to justify the costs involved in relation to ROI.

    Also, would be nice to meet all the people who’s blogs I read every day.

  4. If I got a free ticket that would be ace because I’ve been waiting for this event to come up since I started posting here earlier this year. I’m definitely going anyway though, decided that ages ago, so if it was free that would be a bonus.

  5. Well I am probably not experienced enough to benefit from it this year and I´d have to fly back from Tenerife for the 1st time in three years!. Good idea for the sponsorship though - brand recognition etc.

    If you fancy posting slideshows up of what went on at the conference I will certainly be grateful. End of July was my 1st year anniversary in online marketing/SEO and so far so good mainly thanks to this site, acorndomains, jtpratt and a couple of other great info sites.
    I havent bought any programs or been ripped off for SEO services (so far…) and hopefully in another 12 months I will have 5 websites dominating the front page of G in my niche instead of one - at least that’s the plan!

  6. I’m still not entirely sure how I would benefit from the conference.
    I appreciate and understand the importance of networking, but to me that needs to be within the same field. A lot of us are going to have projects and ideas within totally separate fields and I wonder how and if it will cross these barriers? How can someone working primarily in the mortgage market (for example) help someone working in the lighting market and so on.

    I read a lot about how people would totally recommend the conference but I feel that they know something I don’t 🙂 Perhaps I’ve just answered my own questions though and need to find out first hand whether it will help my ventures.

    • I think you have utterly missed the point, every website suffers the same problems when it comes to the post design elements, n terms of driving traffic and maximising Calls to action be it sales of small puppies or mortgage leads.

      While Think Visibility is a good place to network it is primarily a teaching conference and is specifically for people like yourself who perhaps can’t justify or see the point in going to the specialist conferences on say SEO as your in the mortgage industry it provides you with a chance to intereact and engage with people from these industries to learn things you just don’t pick up from blogs or reading sites and that is why we are all pushing it 😉

      • Thanks for the reply Tim - that’s exactly what I needed to hear. And exactly as you say, I can’t justify a specialist SEO conference at the moment.

  7. As much as I’d love a free ticket I still wont be able to afford airfares and accommodation from good old South Africa to the conference…please post some videos and pics from said conference so the poor cousins living far away can also savour the flavour just a little bit… 😉

  8. It will be nice to benefit from that conference, but I d’ont think that I’m qualified enough to win that ticket .. as I’m new in here ..

  9. I would love to attend Think Visibility as I’m a follower & reader of Self Made Minds, &, and I don’t think I can take another session of reading how good yet another event I’ve missed was! Plus I’ve spent my spare cash on a ticket & hotel for A4U Expo, before this extra Think Visibility was announced.


  10. I’ll be heading down to think visibility as well so will be a refreshing change from the normal routine for me.

  11. Wow, that’s a great offer!

    especially for someone like me! I just finished my A-Levels and will be taking a year out and using it to further develop my websites.

    An event like think visibility would be a great opportunity for me to learn things which I missed out on, but also meet new people whom work in similar niches which is vital to a successful networking group.

    And I am a gap year student whom has a 4 hour a week job, earning just over £100 per month…

    so yeah I think that’s why I deserve a free ticket!

    Good luck to everyone else!

  12. If I had a free ticket, I’d use the money that I saved on buying one to keep Al and Scott supplied with beer and spirits on the evening after the event!

    Seriously, I’d benefit from a free ticket in that I’d gain some more insightful knowledge that would hopefully let me take my affiliate marketing to the next level, and give me more independence and freedom to do what I enjoy, rather than having it as a back seat to my current full time job.

    Anyway, fingers crossed, and if not, cheers for the 30% discount code! 🙂

  13. I was wondering, when will the results be announced?

    I mean, we haven’t heard a word from Al at all!

  14. Will have to be soon, the conference is only 2 weeks away

  15. I wish I could go, other side of the pond unfortunately, gonna try and make it to IMC Vancouver though

  16. Looking forward to this. I’m only in W.Yorks so this is a short train/car drive for me.

    See you there.

  17. I’m a bit embarrassed as I had totally forgotten about your calender website. I better bookmark it and make sure I take a look from time to time. Is it possible to sign up to receive an email when a new conference is posted? That would be a time saver.

  18. I’d love to attend, but to hop on the plane for a “quick” flit over to the UK is just a tad too expensive. Good luck with the conference, and be sure to post about it so us underpriviledges can also be kept on the ball!

  19. So did anyone win a free ticket in the end?

  20. I haven’t heard anything yet, but I’m sure we will.

  21. Thanks everybody for commenting, you made the decission so hard I’ve had to choose 3 winners and they are…

  22. Congrats to the winners! 😀
    Hope it proves to be a useful day for you!

  23. LOL… didn’t realize that it was a contest 😉 Must have been sleepy when I read the post.

  24. *** ONE MORE FREE TICKET ***

    One of the winners cannot attend, as it’s such short notice now I will give the ticket to the next person who leaves a comment and can definitely attend.

  25. Hi Al, I can attend this Saturday! I went last year just not got round to booking my ticket yet.


  26. I’d love to go and can definitely attend… do i have to say something witty!?? 🙂

  27. Thanks for the ticket Al, see you on Saturday.

  28. OK, I’m coming to this post having read the latest ones first, so this is a belated comment. It would be interesting to get some more insight into the planning and coordination required to host such an event. How many attendees would one need to achieve break even point?

  29. I mean, we haven’t heard a word from Al at all!

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