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My friend Glen Allsopp contacted me last week about a product he was working on and asked if I’d review it for him. I get a lot of requests like this and generally turn them down as I simply don’t have the time, however Glen is a friend and we’ve been in touch a few times in the past via blog comments, email and twitter so I’m happy to help out. This is one of the big reasons why it’s beneficial to attend conferences and interact with people online.

The product that he’s been working on is called Cloud living:

Which is basically my way of saying ‘making money online.’ Cloud being the term people
are using more and more these days to reference the internet. I also believe it invokes images of freedom and that kind of thing.

Anyways, the product is:

* A 177 page eBook
* 6 Tutorial Videos
* Free Affiliate Site Template
* 8 Page eBook on How to Tweak the Theme

The eBook is pretty meaty and Glen goes into details on exactly what he has done to achieve 5 figures of revenue per month. He uses two different approaches, blogs and mini affiliate sites and the eBook is split between the two methods (there is a bit of duplication between the 2 parts). It makes an interesting read and is aimed at people just starting their online careers.

One of the features I particularly like is there are check lists of actions to take and the tools to use. Glen managed to create his business in the space of 12 months so he certainly knows what he’s doing and the examples he gives are what has worked for him. Oh and he’s only 20 years old, the young git.

The book is also jam packed full of screen shots and accompanying videos which really help spell out the exact actions that you need to take.

You can buy Cloud Living from eJunkies for $37, to be totally open this is an affiliate link. I lose trust in a lot of blogs (often very popular ones) that purely promote review products for the commissions, this is not the case here I think the book is worthwhile to people starting out and I also want to help Glen out (I ‘may’ have other sites where I do review products purely for commissions).

Congratulations Glen on a good product and I wish you the best of luck with sales.

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About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
Al can be found on twitter at AlCarlton.


  1. Hhaha, the young git. A typical northern comment 😉

    Thanks for the review and post Al, much appreciated!


  2. While I am tempted to buy this, I just don’t know if there’s lasting potential value in it. Sure he’s making 10K+ per month, but that can be achieved through more solid business plans. Building your entire business strategy around the cloud is about as solid as a true cloud. As more people read this and it becomes more saturated, that number will drop.

    He will be forced to adapt as online marketing does, and then he’ll put out another book, which we will then need to buy to catch up.

    If you can’t tell, I’m highly skeptical of this.

    • Hey Justin,

      I thought you would reply to me personally. Trust me, you don’t need to buy this. As you’ll see in the first few pages, I don’t make my income by telling people how to make money.

      You know, around 2 years ago Leo Babauta (Zen Habits) was on the homepage of Digg with a post about quitting his job to blog full time. I’m not kidding when I say 99% of the comments were insulting and saying that he had made a big mistake.

      Of course, he now owns one of the biggest blogs in the world and I’m sure he makes a lot more money. Simply put: this kind of lifestyle just doesn’t fit into the reality of most people.

      The way I have set up my business, even if things go downhill, I have a lot of backup resources. I guess the only way for things to go downhill is when people stop using search engines and I’m not sure if that is going to happen anytime soon 😉

      Interesting you make such a comment as an SEO when really, you make your money via the same sources (I assume).

      Thanks anyways for the comment, just please don’t put me in the same bowl as the other fish out there.

      - Glen

      • No no, I’m not lumping you into that “make money online!!!! Build a blog and profit!!” bowl. I’m just saying that, if you’ve got a formula that seems to be working for product affiliate marketing, then you share it, that formula will no longer be valid. Look at Shoemoney and the whole ringtone market after all.

        I quit my job 2 years ago, and my online business has doubled each year over. I never did get a formula for product affiliate marketing though, I only lost money at it. Where my concentration is on is business services. So, approaching business, and driving revenue through online avenues (SEO, PPC, Facebook, etc). From what I can predict, this is a more solid business strategy.

        However, I fully admit that I am very tempted to buy your book, if only to reveal if there’s something I missed in the whole affiliate marketing world. Perhaps I wouldn’t be as jaded as I am ;).

        • Justin, because you didn’t succeed doesn’t mean that it won’t work. It only means that it didn’t work for you (or that you gave up too soon).

          I have to admit that I don’t quite get your negative comment about this book. Al says nothing about what Glen does do make money (except for the affiliate part). Have can anyone make any quality comments on whether that it good or bad?

          And as for the statement about “sharing information will kill the idea”. You’re not serious about that? I’m pretty sure that EVERYTHING you have ever done and will ever do in your SEO business has already been shared by more than one other person online. But it still works right?

          Being skeptical can be a good thing but you need to have some kind of foundation to base it on 🙂


        • @Justin

          That argument doesn’t make sense mate.

          full backwards causality.

          you can’t use a couple of examples to prove something.

          if i play the lotto and win once, doesn’t mean i’ll always win. obviously.

          biggest thing really is that you’ve got incredible faith in people to actually take action.

          most people who read anything take hardly any if not no action at all.

          and this is a guide on how to apply glen’s model to any site.

          it’s like saying learning to draw will put all cartoonists out of business.

          it won’t.

          sure, if you’re spammy and your sites suck, you’ll probably face declining traffic as more spammy sites saturate the market.

          but as long as you’re good you’ll make magic happen.

          just wrote my own review if you’re game to check it out.

          keep well man
          alex - unleash reality.

          p.s. also recommend checking out “fooled by randomness” by nassim taleb 😉

  3. Another make money online series? Jeez! lol only kidding 🙂 I’ll keep my sceptics hat on while I check it out. If Al has given the thumbs up then I’m already half sold on it. Affiliate earnings is something I haven’t yet mastered as my time has been filled with other online service driven websites, like (blatant plug), so maybe this course would be perfect. Thanks again Glen and good luck with sales.

  4. Thanks for the feedback @Justin, @Frog and replying @Glen. I do agree that there are so many MMO eBooks out there at the moment it is difficult to know what/if to buy. I do think this one is useful for the beginner that needs a bit of hand holding (which we all do from time to time). I also find with books like this if you get just ONE idea that you hadn’t thought of before it can pay for itself may times over.

  5. Well if it is being promoted on this site it must be pretty good - lets be honest, Al doesn’t need the friggin money!!!!

    And these guys aren’t exactly all about promoting garbage for cash - in fact this has to be one of the most honest/say it as it is blogs I have ever read - just wish they would friggin post more often!!

    • “…just wish they would friggin post more often!!”
      Haha! Seconded.

      Don’t normally bother with these kind of things but an endorsement here makes it pretty tempting.

  6. Thanks for the post Al and good luck with the sales Glen! I do see a lot of MMO books and have always been skeptical so having recommendation is vital!

    Justin, I think you should buy Glen’s book, you never know it could trigger the missing link to your sucuess. Mikael could be right when he said maybe you gave up too soon. I’ve been tryin to make money online for years but kept failing, then in June 2007 I got it right and whilst I’m not making 10k + a month, I’m making more than enough to live a comfortable life.
    Never give up, your next project could be the one!


  7. Heheheheheheh! I like the clincher “and the little git is only 20 years old”. Definitely worth taking a look at, and I would like to see where said git finds himself in 5 or 10 years time.

  8. Will check this out, Bought a few of this type of thing before. Some good, some awful.

    I think I already know the majority of the content of these type of ebooks, however, for me it’s all about focusing the mind and getting further inspiration. Clearing out doubts on what you’re doing as people ‘out-there’ are succeeding.

    I find that if I sit and read for a while rather than browsing, ideas come flooding in. Good for refreshing and refueling. 🙂

    Looks good.

    “…just wish they would friggin post more often!!”
    Haha! Seconded.

    Thirded lol

  9. Anyone who has bought the book care to add a quick review??

  10. Would love to read a review from Justin 😉

    If Justin likes it, it’s getting bought.

  11. Cloud Living seems to be a promising e-book. Is there anyway that you’re going to give few copis for free?

  12. We shouldn’t live with our heads in the clouds, should we? You give Glen a good review, and his book will definitely appeal to beginners, where his experiences and advice is likely to save most people time & money. Another one for the collection.

  13. Cloud Living? Now there’s a concept, problem is the clouds are raining everybody back down to earth right now.

  14. Sounds interesting. The problem with these kind of books is that they repeat the same things over and over. Let’s hope the book has some unique selling points.

  15. A lot of these types of books have a lot of obvious content and just repeat common knowledge over and over. But from reading about the book itself and the author, I have high hopes for this read. Thanks for the review Al, I’ll be checking this out.

  16. Jim Taylor says:

    great book and great site, I look forward to contributing more!

    All the best


  17. i was thinking of getting this product. good review. Anyone else bought this?

  18. Hi!

    I just wanted to say that I recently bought the Cloud Living eBook.

    I do not know Glenn Allsopp personally so I did some research first before shelling out my money. He seems like the real deal. I like his honesty and clear advice. It’s hard to believe how much free information he shares on the internet.

    I am currently following his advice and starting out in affiliate marketing. I may not become as successful as Glen but I know that if I am persistent I will reach my goals.


  19. A lot of these types of books have a lot of obvious content and just repeat common knowledge over and over. But from reading about the book itself and the author, I have high hopes for this read

  20. Book purchased. I look forward to reading it…

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