Google is 10 Years Old, Good..Evil or just Life

September the 7th 1998 with $100k and four computers Google started up.
Today they are worth $xxxxxxxxxxx … let’s say for arguments sake $150 billion

Whatever way you look it it … makes me feel like I’ve been in a coma as far as productivity goes, Google has managed to penetrate almost everyone’s lives from mail to maps to writing to even a browser. Personally I have not been overly impressed with much Google has done in the last 2 years apart from the very recent browser Chrome which I have totally switched to and love, that aside considering their muscle, wealth and power they can waltz through failures without breaking a sweat which can be a bad thing, but when they get it right and sometimes they do…they are very very good.

Either way….. for tomorrow………. Happy Birthday Google

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Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. wow didnt knew its 10 years time for Google, just compare’s age and sucess with google.

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  2. Google becomes more powerful day by day. happy Birthday!!!

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  3. So didn’t I but I think Google’s work deserves appreciation indeed. isn’t it??

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  4. I agree with your all opinions given by you in your post.Really Google is safe to use & also simple to use.Anyway thanks for sharing the post .

  5. How amazing that is! I recalled that I only got to know about Google 9 years ago; that is, when Google was about established 1 year later, through an introduction by a friend from Computer Science in the same university. After which, both of us went on to do our PhD.

    The utility of probabilistic model by Google has somewhat prompted me that the model its application rely heavily on the type of application. And in this case, which has some relationship to artificial intelligence (AI, in short).

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  6. Google has in fact become a way of life for many. I run an internet business and find it is hard to ignore google when trying to draw traffic. i think the average computer user automatically reverts to google for their web searches which is what makes it so powerful. One thing I can say as far as ppc I have found I get more inexpensive targeted traffic using ppc search engines like 7 search. The amount of vistors is lower but they are better qualified so I get a better return on my investment.

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  7. i’m not sure or we should be scared of the nearly monopoly of Google. I think they serve me great!

  8. Google are heavy handed in many respects, just as are eBay and a few others. However, what Google do well is they embrace new ideas and actually doing something with it.

    They have a large part of the market in a range of areas because they dared to try something and did it well.

    I personally both love and hate Google. But we can learn a lot from their openness to trying something fresh.

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  9. I think that one of the key elements in Google’s success (and why we can all feel that we’ve been in a coma) is that they have been working continuously for 10 years on giving people what they wanted (and thereby getting what they wanted). I can’t say that I’ve been doing the same thing and there I don’t have the result that they have.

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  10. Oh thats an amazing news! Google dominates online search with more than 60 percent of the market and is so popular the company’s name has become a verb. Analysts believe Google has become so entrenched in culture it will be hard to unseat and I agree with them. Happy Birthday Google.

  11. They grow faster than any other company in the history of global capitalism. With a market cap of like 150 billion I think no one would have thought of this ten years ago. They truly deserve my congratulations..

  12. 10 years? I feel like an old-timer! I remember discovering their search engine a few months after they launched, and emailing all my friends cos I’d found a SE that actually showed you what you were looking for. That quality, for me, seems to be the key to their success

    Cheers, Jon

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  13. We may as just well erase the word Internet from the dictionary and replace it with Google - that’s how powerful these guys have become.

  14. It really is hard to believe just how much Google have penetrated our lives! I don’t really remember life without the internet or Google - I was young, but I do remember everything just suddenly bursting into our lives and hitting us with immense force

  15. The 11th birthday of Google is just around the corner, and it is interesting to note how much things have changed in this past year. Wolfram Alpha and Bing are putting their hands up, and twitter is leading the way in real time search. It is going to be an interesting 12th year in the business for Google….

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