Google tool gets even better!

Is it me or is this tool getting even better, to be fair this was possibly already there last week (I didn’t notice), following on from last week when I noticed the keyword tool gave numbers, it was mentioned that some people likes the advertiser competition, well now you can display all the data your going to need with average CPC & advertiser competition.

I just did it this morning for a domain that was caught for me for me by, recently I pickedup which is a real nice domain and this morning it was, both cost £20 which will change to £30 I think, plus Nom transfer fee of £11.75 per domain. ExhibitionDisplays is a nice keyword domain, so I wanted to check and see if there was a little bit of traffic for the term:


There is a drop down menu that you can change to show all columns, now I can see there is a little ‘exact’ search traffic but really high competition and really high average CPC for ‘exhibition displays’  at £6.56 making this a nice little gem, thanks Google!,.. oh and thanks Simon & Dale for catching it 😉

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  1. Scott, are you doing this search for UK or for US?

  2. My results are tailored to the UK.

  3. It was there already, still this is really a huge improvement, ’cause finally I can try to find some use to my **cough** 900 **cough** domains… 😀

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    • I had a feeling it might have been, it’s great data to have on tap for free. 900 domains! that’s a fair few quid in renewals.

  4. Yes I’m digging the new features, although the avg. CPC seems like it behaves similarly to the Max. Bid suggestion feature, which estimates about double what it really needs to.

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  5. I am thrilled with this. I just don’t fully understand why only now they’re deciding to release this data when they so clearly kept it under wraps previously?

  6. Even though google is showing all these stats but they are not really accurate and you can find this if you are a adwords advertiser!

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  7. The estimated avg CPC has been in there for a long time. It always seems to be way higher than what I get paid out in adsense but maybe I’ve just been smart priced. I really like having the search volume numbers though; it really helps in finding new niches to build mini-sites.

    • I need to open my eyes more, used the tool and never really noticed the extra columns. Average CPC would relate to Adwords advertisers so for a start Google would take their cut and after that as you say your always open to smart pricing depending on how your overall account is performing.

  8. I hadn’t noticed the average CPC there before - I was too busy poring over the actual number of searches rather than trying to ascertain whether one medium sized green bar was slightly bigger than another medium sized green bar.

    Now if only Google would suggest loads more keyphrases containing my target terms (as Overture Tool used to), then I’d be in keyword heaven!

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  9. This has helped me loads, just found an unregistered 2 keyword that should be fairly easy to rank. Only gets a few thousand searches per month but the product pays upto $100 per conversion. I’ll see how it goes but this could be a nice future case study.

  10. A few thousands on exact match or broad match?

    I found one with about 1500 pr. month exact match with a CPC of 5-6 EUR and then there is potential for affiliate commission also.

    Yes it is a great tool!

    • That was on exact match of the none plural (which was taken), the plural version makes more sense to me but should be easy enough to rank for both I hope.

  11. How To Do Anything says:

    The data is so much different from WordTracker free version. Wordtracker had given me a keyword that had nearly 2000 searches per month. I checked here and it says 500/month.

  12. Really? I normally see the opposite where Wordtracker (both the free and the paid version) returns far less searches than Google does.

  13. How To Do Anything says:

    Thata really weird Mikael. I have had more than 1 instance where Wordtracker inflated the results.

  14. This is really useful, I researched some keywords and found a few results that were way different to other methods. Personally the figures I saw from Google seemed more realistic than those I’ve seen from wordtracker. Google by far have the best data source for this, so assuming they are not adjusting the figures in some strange way they should be the most accurate.

  15. I’m sure Google would rather hold on to that information but in order for Google to keep the lions share of search queries they have to continue to offer more and more…either way I am happy to have this data so readily available

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