Google Keyword Tool now shows numbers

Googles keyword tool has long since been a friend and an excellent resource… and it just got better!

In the past the average search data was just displayed as green bars showing most popular terms which has been handy for sure.

But now as of today I am seeing real numbers given for June search volume


EDIT: Make sure if your looking for specific data, after your search change it from Broad to Exact in the little drop down menu on the right

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  1. That must be very new - I was using the tool last night and still had the green bars.

  2. Me too Nicola, I hope it doesn’t roll back!

  3. Oh wow, that is a huge development. First Google takes a big bite out of services like Compete with new Google Trends features, now tools like WordTracker better watch their back.

    Oh well, now it’s time to go do some *real* keyword research!

    Joel’s last blog post..The Link Page Report Card

  4. I was excited when I saw the news, but when I’ve checked I’ve saw really inaccurate results. I know a few terms that I rank #1 in Google, and what they show compared to what I get is not even close.

    M!hai @ Freshome’s last blog post..Defenestration : House of Falling Furniture

  5. Great! Looks like a bit of rounding is going on though, where several different keywords have the exact same search volume, all ways round numbers too!
    Grabbing what I can in case it does roll back

  6. Now that would help out in selecting the best keywords which have less competition and more searches :)

    Amit Bhawani’s last blog post..Samsung Digimax S630 Digital Camera Review

  7. This is just plain AWESOME. This makes my life exponentially easier, I’ve been asking for this for ages!!!!

  8. I’ve compared it to the numbers from WordTracker and KeywordDiscovery and both of them show FAR less searches than Google’s tool.

    So what is one to believe? I mean… Google must know their numbers right?

  9. The tools is too new to be perfect and work in an accurate way

  10. sorry for my mistyping, it should be ‘tool’

  11. LOL… someone is trying to get their comment count up? :)

    Now after having spend a little more time with the tool I am wondering why they are showing “approx. searches”. I would imagine that they were able to give exact numbers easily. But that might be sharing too much?

  12. That numbers are really interesting, its more accurate. No more guessing…

    watsap’s last blog post..Roxanne Guinoo

  13. It’s about time. I’m using a great software wtih WebCeo for this kind of research. But Google Keyword Tolls is a very short way to give a look. A good look by area and language. Yahoo!

  14. this is one kick ass move by google… will signup for adwords just for this tool :)

  15. Very cool - I wonder if they’ll update Google Trends to also show actual numbers too …

  16. From my early comparisons against adwords impressions, it’s pretty accurate as well. Makes keyword research pretty easy.

  17. Dont forget to uncheck the “Use synonyms” under the search box this will give more accurate results!

  18. Why is that Neale? Won’t them terms still be the same?

  19. I was very excited when I first heard about this. I’m interested now to see what the paid providers (wordtracker, wordze etc) do next.

  20. I can’t wait to see who will first send out a tool that calculates KEI and R/S ratios. That could be a cool viral tool.

  21. I am not sure how much difference this is going to make. This is being discuss all over the blogosphere.

  22. It wasn’t showing until 4 days ago for me. It is definitely a big plus.

    Yaba’s last blog post..The Truth About Root Canals

  23. I am looking for some advice on the Google tool, I wonder if you can help.

    I often search and there are 1000’s of results displayed in the Approx Avg Search Volume column yet the data from the previous month is “Insufficient Data”.

    This does not make logical senses to me as how can there be no search volume (Insufficient data) during previous months if there are 1000’s on an average month.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.

    • There would be natural surges in new terms & products that would show insufficient the previous month. However the tool is still to be used with great caution and not solely relied on.

  24. @Goran, that is a very good question. I have been wondering that myself but so far I haven’t heard or read an explanation.

    Another “strange” thing is that you can find keywords with very high CPC prices while the advertiser bar shows that no one is bidding on the keyword. How does that make sense?

    Mikael’s last blog post..Bevis - Kommentarer på blogs virker

  25. @ Scott I used to use a host of other keyword tools of which most of them did not cater for South African searches. What tools would you recommend.

    @ Mikael I have had that happen to me on multiple occasions. Its really irritating. I use the editor as it is faster and only realise that this is the case once I am close to finished.

  26. Hello,

    I purchased Brad Callen’s latest version of Keyword Elite 2.0, but have been soo busy I haven’t had a chance to use it.

    I have all of his products and I’m very excited at the thought of making the time to learn and apply the new additions to the software.

    I just wanted to know if anyone has used the new version and if so, what do you think about it and what kind of results did you get?

    Let me know your experiences.

    Rodrick Etienne
    The Home Business Growth Coach


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