Twice as many want to work for Google as themselves

The Register did a survey at the end of last year in which they were looking for specific data on jobs, salaries and qualifications, quite an interesting read which was released recently, you can see the whole PDF results here.

More than 6000 filled in the survey


So the average UK salary came in at £35k which is a fair bit up on the quotes figure of £24907 a separate nationwide survey concluded. This survey of The Register readers would target more of specific niche though which would account for the difference.

One of the more interesting questions was who would you prefer to work for:

Who do you want to work for

More than twice as many people would prefer to work for Google as be self employed and work for themselves, there is no question Google promote a friendly and happy work environment but in saying all that Microsoft still manage to be the second most popular employer of choice.

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  1. a mate of mine left the bbc to go to google…. i must say i was jealous. working for the monster that is google does have a certain appeal… although I don’t want to go back to commuting again. I think that the big companies offer more of a sense of job security too. It may not be any more secure, but just feel it.

  2. Well, I am now working for myself and I do love it. But it’s not for everyone. Many people do not do a great job of self-management, and other people hate the idea of lack of a dental plan, etc.

  3. Scott, I wonder why the horizontal scale for “Who would you like to work for” is in multiples of Pi number? Are you implying people are running circles trying to find that perfect employer? LOL That’s funny, man!

  4. I wonder what Google’s workplace policy is on working from my couch in my underwear and drinking wine from the bottle at my desk

  5. Working for myself is my first option. My second option would be Google. Microsoft would not be among the top 100.

  6. I’m sure Google’s a great employer, but that’s just crazy. It’s very reassuring, though, to know that most people have very little drive outside of logging 40-60 hours/week at some company.

  7. Hi ya Scott, I am interested in this also. (Take a look at my latest post for details.) This article makes for very intriguing reading, you have most definitely provided me with some food for thought! - sparky13.

  8. Its nice to see real people sharing experiences online. Honestly its blogs like these that have helped me reach were I am today. Thanks for sharing this with us

  9. Be the MAN and don’t work for the “man” (which is google)

    Many like being on the gravy train in the UK and earning 35k and going home to their safe haven whether it be a allotment, seeing to their horses or just watching mainstream tv. Others have drive but I think the recession at the moment is making people feel vulnerable and not try anything new. I personally think the world is re-alligning power going from west to east. Anyways I am now side tracking now….

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