Google free USB drive christmas present

Google’s free gift to Adsense publishers this year is a sleek ultra thin USB flash memory drive with 2GB of storage.

Just arrived through the post today, basically around the size of a credit card with the USB part that flips round and fits any USB port, tidy and comes in a neat leather wallet with Christmas card in a decorated box.

Last year I received a digital picture frame. They really were better organised this year with my present arriving today on the 8th in Scotland :)

Google present

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  1. Thats cool. Do they give it to all the publishers or above a certain earning threshold?

  2. I’m making over $500/month, and I have yet to receive one. Maybe it’s once you cross the 1K/month mark…

  3. Congrats Scott.

    I never received anything last year and I was averaging just under $5K a month so I’ve no idea how they decide. If I get a gift this year then cool but as long as they keep paying me every month I don’t really mind :)

    • Kevin Barbarita says:

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  4. Free gift to AdSense publishers?! Google must have been busy sending out those USB drives.

  5. That’s cute.
    Congrats Scott!

  6. I guess I’ll consider earning enough with AdSense to get myself all the USB sticks i need :)

  7. Great! I wish I can receive by next year. Long way to go :(

  8. Was there some sort of a card too? If so, what did it say?

    Did the card have ads in it? :)

  9. Great little gift. If you already have to many USB drivers can make a Christmas contest, and make one of this blog readers happy. 😛

  10. I didn’t get one, hope they send it to all earning publishers.

  11. Seems like a cool present. Back when I was making a ton of money from Adsense, they sent me a bunch of worthless items that are still cluttering my desk drawer.

  12. Congratulations, Scott. Looks like you have joined the ‘white’ list of Uncle Google Santa. The freebies is likely to be given at random, but chances are, they are certainly given to those who have shown prospect as being a long-term Google client.


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