Patience and perseverance, boring but necessary.

Patience and perseverance, boring but necessary.If timing is everything which I posted about the other week then you can understand why Al is raking in so much cash just now, it isn’t luck as Al has actually been talking about the upcoming Xmas sales and revenue opportunity for quite some time and made moves to capitalise on it.

As with any success there will be the naysayers who will put it down to luck or scorn the ability of anyone else to replicate that success. One of the difficult things that soon comes to light when making money online through organic rankings or indeed domaining is that you need patience, lots of work, research, action and then more patience. We cannot control Google organic rankings overnight or the weather or seasons and that discourages a lot of people.

Short term work in return for short term gain is the gratification most need to devote the time and energy to keep the attention span to make money online. Taking a 2 year business plan and sticking to it sorts the wheat from the chaff and that is why so many fail, they are simply too lazy or not dedicated enough to see it through properly and plan over that timeframe. There is no voodoo to here.

I recently changed my direction with some new domains and sites that are again in the early stages of a 3-5 year plan, at the end of which I expect to have the option to be well enough off to sit back more and retire in my late 30’s if I so wished, unlike some people I don’t plan on doing the same thing whether the money was there or not, everything is for sale and we all have our price, once I reach my price I will cashout most of my chips. I would likely do other things but I want to do less of what I have to and more of what I want to.

A great example of seeing out your plan comes from Tomaz Mencinger, one of our readers who this Friday (30th of November) will become a free man leaving the 9-5 job thanks to the income he earns online from his business venture. Congratulations Tomaz!

I’m writing a ten step process of my journey on my blog so I thought this would be something your readers would see an inspiration and proof that one can free himself / herself from 9-5 job with internet.

Proof again that it can be done, if you want to check out Tomaz’s journey head over to Freedom Ideas, we wish you every success.

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. Patience is the single most important thing right after hard work. I’d say it comes before luck.

  2. You bring up a very good point - you need a long term plan for success. Would you mind sharing an example what your 3-5 year plan looks like for one of your sites? I don’t want you to give away any secrets, but seeing the big picture outline of how you approach these sites from a business sense would be very helpful.

    • Every website and domain is so unique and different and takes a completely different approach and plan. For Al’s first big site it was all about building useful content through writing, paid writers and affiliate sales, for my first one it was about getting free content, user submitted content, subscriptions and electronic sales, the method of building them we have both documented here. My new 3-5 year plan is loosely based on leasing domains which I have posted on, the finer details can be disclosed come time though and I will as I reach milestones that I feel I can share publically.

  3. What is AI, by the way? I’ve seen it used in a couple of your posts and assume it’s a site you own. And congratulations on that $1K AdSense day — you deserve all the success you’ve earned, and we all thank you for the advice and tips you provide.

    • LOL I’ve never been called a what before (though I have been called many things). It’s not AI, it’s Al (short for Allan) which is my name. Scott and I own and run SMM together, we generally post alternate days, today it was Scott’s turn as I pushed in yesterday :)

  4. Could you elaborate more on what your 3-5 year plan looks like? Thanks!

  5. Hey Al and Scott,

    Thanks for the mention and a link!

    Yes, only 3 days left to freedom and I picked up many tips on your blog along the way.

    Keep up the good work and undoubtedly you’ll help free more people from the 9-5 jobs.

    Best, Tomaz

  6. Shoot, I should have let you know when I was quitting my job back in September, I could have gotten the honorable mention as well :)

  7. Patience is they key to any success as my dad always says.

    Congrats to Tomaz

  8. Financial Freedom Ideas bookmarked as well lol.

    Progress on the web can be slow… That’s why we all need a little motivation every now and again.

  9. Progress on the web is not only slow but also intiguing… patience is the virtue… thanks for the post!!

    Amar’s last blog post..How to decide on what to write? - Choosing a topic

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