If timing is everything my time is now.

timing1.jpgIf all of the images on this page were taken a little sooner or a little later then the moment would have passed, timing is important, just ask Al on missed opportunities and the difference between success and failure being taking action.

At times when you read about success and large cheques, huge payouts and massive affiliate income it can be really motivational – if you are in the right mood, at other times it just sucks! It sucks to see other’s do so well and it sucks to not have that money yourself. It isn’t a new phenomenon to see people make large amounts of cash for being in the right place at the right time but seeing it happen online in what is a very embryonic internet is new, new to us and it is human nature to want a part of it.

timing2.jpgAlas too few really have the guts or vision to take that leap, it is much easier to stand on the sidelines and look in and curse the ‘luck’ of those that are more successful, it isn’t really ‘luck’ though is it? right now we would lose a limb to go back to the mid 90’s and take advantage of what we know for sure, but back then nothing was assured, every domain sale was questioned and deemed to be overpriced. The difference between us now and us in another 10 years will be those with the vision no matter what it takes, no matter how much sacrifice is needed to ensure we don’t lose out again. How many of us wouldn’t go back to 1995 or even 2002 and buy a few domains even if we had to borrow to buy?

The internet is but an infant though, if the internet were to be compared to cars then we are all driving about in a Model T Ford just now and in the future when they finally get to drive around in Lamborghini Reventon’s they will look back at us and laugh, oh they’ll laugh loudly at our inanely slow and poorly connected ways, but they will also look back in wonder and they would swap their Lambo just for the ability to go all the way back to 2007 and buy a few domain names, even from resellers at ‘overpriced’ amounts.

Itiming3.jpgf timing is important, then my time is now and I would say I only really focused and managed to see what exactly I wanted to do within the last 6 months. I’m not going to make huge swathes of uncountable cash yet, but I am going to put in place everything I need to ensure that I can cash out in the future.

What won’t work would be watching and reading what everyone else is doing and in some way trying to emulate that by buying diluted versions & crap domains, I am sure the stories of how some spent $$$ thousands on credit buying useless domains will never really be as popular to read about as those that make portfolios worth millions, for some a lack of courage will stop them retiring early and being successful, for others a lack of courage could save them from making a huge mistake.

trafficIf you think every decent domain is gone though then you are wrong, my wife was looking for a condenser tumble dryer just the other day, they are like a tumble dryer but have a condenser built in so no big white hose etc so it can go in the basement, guess what she had the vision to check the domains – the .com & UK were available! and that term gets search traffic and it isn’t too competitive so hopefully within 6 months her tumble dryer should have been paid for itself through her awareness. Being pregnant I also wanted to get her a ‘V Pillow’ for comfort in bed, guess what vpillow.co.uk was available, keep your eyes open, listen, read and it is hard to go a week without finding lots and lots of good domain name ideas many of which are available and can be turned into  mini sites.

Some more availables?
The domains below would all get traffic if they ranked in Google.co.uk and are not too competitive with usually around 2 million results or less. As of right now on the 7th Nov none of them are registered, obviously we were researching certain products yesterday - I kept a few for myself 😉



OK, we could have woken up just a little bit earlier to all this but come on, there’s plenty opportunity for everyone right now, in this moment – be quick though, blink and it’ll be gone and it will be someone else’s time.

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. Good points. Just found an PHP-error at the minisite.co.uk: Parse error: parse error, unexpected T_ELSE, expecting T_FUNCTION in /home/weweco/public_html/lib/class/auth.class.php on line 148

    I click on nearly every link in a post 😉

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  2. How right you are Scott. Just an anecdote, I went to an interview recently and spoke to the “Work based learning” manager and we also spoke about work based training. Going home after that I checked workbasedlearning.com and workbasedtraining.com. the …learning was gone but workbasedlearning.com was available so I registered it. I get at least 1 direct visit a day on that site.

    PS: I started with domains 6 months ago.

  3. Looks like you’re jumping on the MFA mini-site opportunity. Perhaps I should dedicate a little more time to that myself as well. I have a couple that I’ve launched, but I took a harder route than you. I built each site up with 10 optimized pages (not just one), and went for more competitive terms. Hopefully I’ll have some success though.

    • Always room in my life for a few mini sites Justin but I have been working hard on a better domain portfolio for development next year and have taken a few chances and paid a good amount of money for domains, I have spent $15,000 in the last 2 months on mainly UK domains and look to get a few more before the end of the year.

  4. Do you plan on keeping the as mini sites for adsense, or on leasing them out when they rank well?

    • Certainly for leasing for the main one’s I am buying now. I would presume in the next 24 months the opportunities for CPA will be much improved so for now I am getting the best domains I can, next year rank em and then look to lease and while waiting to lease them I will sell from them CPA/affilite sales.

  5. I couldnt agree more their is an endless supply of great domain names available just waiting for some Unique content. I am glad that I’m presently sittin in a Model T though as I do belive its going to get harder & harder to get started in this buis as the years roll on.

    • I would totally agree with that Neale, this may just be the best time in the history of the internet buy domains and establish websites that can generate income and traffic. It wasn’t that long ago we all said the internet was a level playing field and the small guy could have a website and compete with the multinationals, that was until more recently when in the last few years their multi million advertising spend online has again enforced their superiority.

  6. Scott, I noticed on your condenser tumble dryer site that your affiliate links for the products are done through Google (Google Base / Froogle, whatever it is now) rather than linking directly to the site/store. What is the advantage or reasoning for doing this rather than linking directly? Just curios.


    • Yeah I wanted to mention a couple of products as people often search by product/code for research so copied a few product descriptions from Froogle - shouldn’t have been linked though so removed them, no voodoo or special reason it was there.

  7. That is one good post. Timing is important not just in online business, its important in every aspect of life. Be it education, business or anything.

  8. Thanks for the inspiration. Sometimes I get depressed when I do a domain search for something I think might be available and find out it is already gone.

  9. I have to agree! We really are jist at the start of the internet revolution. All the best name are not gone - but we do have to look a little harder (smarter) these days…………

  10. Timing and Domains, I know what you mean I keep a list of domains that are available that I would want to get some day, I’ve got loads already and can’t get everyone I want and I’m always gutted if one goes as I know it’s gone and I’ll never get the chance to get it again.

  11. I can’t agree more, timing is everything. Also taking a risk can never be bad. It either pays and you learn from it or you succeeded and gain from it too.
    Also thank you for these expired domains. They are truly useful and keyword rich
    What in your view do you think is the next big think worth investing on?

    BTW nice pics

  12. What a great post. I’ve never thought of purchasing .co.uk domains before. I’ve already found a few really good ones and just by having the right domain I see good rankings already. Best part is that it is a niche that can really be monitorized if done right. Lots of advertizers using Adwords.

    Thanks for the tip.

  13. I SO agree with you. I’ve had so many ideas over the years and did nothing about most of them, and then kicked myself when someone else would come up with the same idea.

    This year, I’m being a bit more adventurous and ‘doing’ instead of thinking it to death.

    Thanks for this post. A lot of truth in it.

    take care…


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  3. sample marketing plan…

    It is so important that we in the younger generation and our children learn from first hand experiences..thanks again…..

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