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Boy or GirlSometimes you look for ways of making money and sometimes they find you.

Last month my better half gave me the good news that she was pregnant with our second child, yikes! It wasn’t long after I had heard of a test you can do online, is it a boy or a girl?

In the UK it is a sad fact that at the 20 week pregnancy scan they can no longer tell you the sex of your child as it leaves them open to being sued {sigh}. So they won’t say anymore unlike first time round when we had our son, some people prefer a surprise, I don’t, I prefer to plan ahead so when a company offers the ability to send away a blood sample and tell you to within 99% the sex of your child at 8 weeks into the pregnancy I find that appealing!

According to a recent pole of nearly 50,000 expectant parents on over 70% wanted to know the gender of their baby before birth.

I won’t go into what is involved as that has no real place here, I spoke to Al and gave him details so that he could mention it at CG on a post about DNA gender testing if it interests you.

I think it fits into those two categories that people find it very easy to spend money on,

  • children
  • pets

Don’t get me wrong, if it was available first time round with our son we couldn’t really have afforded it, but this time money is less of an issue so at £189.95 (~USD $380)  it’s still quite an expense, but so is being a parent so I may as well get in the practice again!

Great minds think alike
The test was done, results in and at around 12 weeks we told the family and I mentioned it to Al, I am paraphrasing greatly here but the conversation went generally along the lines off..

Me: Bit of news Al, Elaine is pregnant
Al: Congratulations!
Me: You can do a test now, tells you the sex of the child, its a girl! , cost a bit though.
Al: Nice one, you should check to see if they have an affiliate program
Me: I did, they do, I’ve signed up!

Baby BucksAt almost $400 they do offer an affiliate program that offers 10% and a further 2% on second level referrals, so if you have a baby names website or the like perhaps it is worth considering, name meaning websites get HUGE traffic, perhaps approach baby name websites for advertising rates.

Also if you use Adwords it may be worth considering if you can buy the traffic cheap and convert it through the affiliate program, at 10% if you earn almost $40 per signup that gives you quite a bit of leverage for spending on your PPC.

If you want to signup feel free to consider doing it here (aff) to help me make my $400 back :)

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. Its crazy what you can be sued for these days. What happened to the days where people just forgive, forget and move on with things. LOL. I guess it’s because new born babys these days get all the best things in the world for their nursery where as when I was younger you just got a bed and never new the difference of being in a pink or blue themed room.

    I am the type who prefers to know the gender of the child when my wife is having a baby and if they get it wrong then oh well :) Its not like the baby would be upset about going in a room that they didnt like the colours of etc…

    Thats cool that they offer an affiliate program. I have a friend who runs a parenting website for mums and babys… I will mention this to him right away.

  2. Unless this has only just come in then its not true that they can’t tell you the sex of the child, I’ve got a 5 week old girl, and the hospital told us the sex at the 20 week scan, although they did also say that it isn’t 100%, and a friend of mine is 6 months pregnant and a different hospital told her the sex of the baby aswell. Although some hospital do refuse to tell you, as we had the choice of 2 different hospitals, Poole or Bournemouth, Poole won’t tell you the sex, whereas Bournemouth will, and other hospitals will charge you to tell you the sex.

    • It may vary by hospital then Carl I guess then as they all have their own boards I think? They don’t do it anymore at our local that’s for sure and I have heard of a few others saying the same recently. Even still I think I would have paid as finding out at 8 weeks rather than 20 weeks still appeals to me.

    • PS. Congratulations

  3. Scott Congratulations :)

  4. Congratulations Scott, hope everything goes smoothly and the test is right! I’m not sure a baby boy would appreciate a girly pink bedroom!

  5. Yeah yeah, congrats again. Now have we made any money out of it yet :)

  6. Firstly, Congratulations Scott.

    To me it seems that baby/cooking related websites is still a niche that has a lot of potential. Thats why I decided to do a cooking website and see how it gets on. If its profitable I’d keep it, else I’d sell it.

    I wanted to ask. If I had all the inner page links on my homepage. Would it be a clever idea so that all the pages are indexed by google quicker? Have a look at how I did it at and let me know please.

    I can see that you and Al always have to change the topic of anything into affiliation and web design. Like your wife is pregnant and Al just jumps in straight about affiliate. 😛

    • Thanks Abdul, getting the site indexed is really down to having a good site structure and good backlinks, if you don’t have strong enough backlinks or deep backlinks then the whole site won’t get indexed even if you list every url on the homepage. Probably better to have categories and then pages and then get some links to the category pages.

      • What I am planning to do is as soon as I get some of the pages indexed upload the user-friendly version that has categories, search, affiliates etc..

        So I’ll just give it a couple more days

  7. Thanks everyone! May have to be a sober new year for me though :( still as long as it goes smoothly.

    @ Al: We made one sale! So just under £20 in the kitty for the head wetting 😉

    • So I can now add “DNA Gender Test” to the “Unusual things I’ve sold” list (probably just above the Storm Trooper costume).

      I’m surprised you didn’t go with the title suggestion: “Make money by getting your bird up the duff”

  8. Congrats :)

  9. Forget finding out the sex, I wish we could just get pregnant. But congrats to you.

  10. You’re very welcome, John. Thanks for the welcome back. I was pretty busy with work for a while, but things have calmed down enough that I can post every now and then now.


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