Site Clinic – Website Review : Gadget Box (Part 2 – Checking Out)

This is a follow-up to the site clinic that we did about the Gadget Box. In the previous part we looked at the site from a usability and SEO perspective, this time we are going to look at the order process.

It’s taken a while for us to do this follow-up as the majority of of our previous suggestions haven’t been implemented but as somebody commented asking about it I thought it could still be a useful exercise.

Affiliate Summary
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Site Clinic – Website Review : Gadget Box (Part 1 – The Site)

Gadget-Box Home

Time for our second site review and this site is one right in my niche, gadgets. This is going to be a 2 part review, in the second part we’ll go into the shopping experience and affiliate scheme.

Site: Gadget Box
Description: Welcome to The Gadget Box – gadgets, gizmos, boys toys, gift ideas Shop
Page rank: 4
Server IP location: United Kingdom
Pages indexed in Google: 1,690
Yahoo inbound links : 2,834
Website age: Approx 3 years
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Site Clinic – Website Review : Tattooed Chicks

Tattooed Chicks

Today is a site review day whereby we get a URL and some info and have a quick look over a site to see what can be improved upon and then throw the door open to you guys as well if there is anything you wanted to add.

Site: Tattooed Chicks
Description: Tattooed Chicks, A Place For Beautiful Tattooed Ladies
Page rank: 1
Server IP location: USA
Pages indexed in Google: 355
Yahoo inbound links : 125
Website age: Approx 6 months

Brief overview
I like this site idea, again taking a subject matter which is popular like tattoos and putting a different spin on it by offering a site for women by women which makes it more personal and still coversĀ  a huge market.Continue Reading