What makes an entrepreneur?

What makes an entrepreneur?
There are many people out there that are happy working the hours for a weekly pay check, and if they’re happy doing that then I’d say good for them.

There are also a fair few folk wanting or yearning for their own business, but it just never seems to happen for them. They know they want to leave the grind but the perfect opportunity has never presented itself.

To me the big difference between the entrepreneur and Joe Bloggs (no pun intended) is nothing to do with education, skills, background, contacts or being born with a silver spoon up the arse it’s far simpler and more even keeled than that I’m pleased to say.
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Grow your traffic by over 300% for FREE within 3 months

stickyIf you build your traffic to say at least 200 visitors per day for example which is a very achievable target for any new website then the next step would be to watch that grow rapidly if you spend time implementing strategy to make your website sticky, yes you may have read that term many many times but taking the time out to analyse your website and look at your numbers tells you whether your doing it correctly or not.

Firstly check your new versus repeat visitor numbers, growing your repeat visitor numbers not only helps waterproof you from any sudden ranking drops by Google, it also lets you grow rapidly using your existing user base.

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Chances are your going to need some help

PartnershipWhen I look back at what I have achieved so far I sometimes feel a certain sense of bewilderment and disbelief, I stumbled about a fair bit through the early process of getting domains, setting up websites, playing around with html and databases and had my fair share of errors and self inflicted complications taking my own websites down on more than one occasion on the way to earning a full time income online.

You see I have always been the sort to build a flat pack unit without looking at the instructions and always felt confident enough that those extras screws and bits and pieces at the end must just have been spares 😉

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Is it too late to start building a full time income online?

A question we do hear a LOT on various forums and by email is the one many a webmaster or entrepreneur deliberates over.  Is it too late to start? the answer to that question could be as simple as No, it is not to late, however that doesn’t really answer the main concerns and reasons for the question and I have managed to get a few other opinions on this for you today.

Many people feel that all the good ideas are taken or that they are earning just a fraction of what is needed to make a full time income online and it is natural to look inwards at times and question your own commitment and ability to come out the other side of a long road, and it is a long road. Granted there are large success stories that have surged in a short period of time but aside from them, the majority of webmasters should be prepared for a 12-24 month investment before seeing good financial rewards from their website or blog.

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What to do when your Google traffic dies

Google Rankings Crash Graph

A lot of websites receive the lion’s share of their traffic from the search engines, with Google being leader by far. Losing this lucrative and cheap source of traffic can be a real disaster, so if you find your self in that position what should you do?

This happened to one of my sites on New Years Eve last year, I was on target to have my first 5 digit Adsense month and then when I was $200 away from this landmark and with a day to go my Google traffic abruptly stopped. What made matters more worrying was that this was my last week at work with a guaranteed income and I was hosting a New Years party that evening and had beer to buy.
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Planning When to Quit the Day Job

9-5 Ball and Chain
Many webmasters dream of the day when they will be earning enough money from their sites to be able quit the 9 to 5 rat race. I took the plunge at the beginning of the year but it was after a fair amount of work and planning.

Leaving a guaranteed wage can be a scary time and does have an element of risk and if you have commitments like children and mortgages you do need to ensure that you have a plan in place to cover as many situations as possible.

When I first started the journey to quit the rat race I had two distinct goals. The first was the obvious one of building up a web portfolio in order to generate me an income. The next goal was probably more difficult and that was to have enough money in the bank to be able to survive off for two years if my websites went pear shaped.
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