Results: The website winner is…….

Results for the win a website competition today.

I quite enjoyed this competition, as with anything in life some people would prefer it to be easier and some would prefer it to be harder, Task 2 & 3 were solved pretty quickly which kind of made just doing Task 1 a long shot to win the comp so it certainly could have been done better but for a first attempt I was very happy with how it went, I had to create a new folder in my inbox to deal with the emails & entries!

I also learned a few lessons along the way myself and I think I’d like to do another competition in the future but perhaps this time with one clear winner, possibly an online treasure hunt?

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Competition rules

On with the show and the giveaway of Fiction Forum to a new owner.

The prize:
You’ll win the complete website & domain which is a simple flat hml site so can be zipped up and emailed to the winner, the domain is with godaddy so can be pushed for free to the winners account at goddaddy or transferred out to a registrar of the winners choice. The domains has another 2 years before it needs renewing in 2009.

Today I’ll post the rules of the competition and announced the winner next week.
The person with the most points wins, the judges (my) decision is final.

Competition, complete all/any of the tasks below to gain points.
Closing date: 15th July

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Competition: Win a website worth $1000!

Competition: Win a website worth $1000!I will be giving an old established website away to one lucky reader so pay close attention.

On a more serious note this post should be about housekeeping and my lack of it, I was checking through most of my sites recently and stats and doing general website housekeeping duties when I found a website that I had purchased and totally forgotten about!

It is actually easier than it sounds, I own a lot of domains, some domains are just investments as domains, some are mini sites others have mini site potential, others need to be developed, some have been developed but are sandboxed and struggling, others have been found & bought and need lots of work. The larger sites tend to get my attention more for obvious reasons as they have the ability to generate more income.

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