AdSense for mobile launches in Beta

Just a quick update rather than a post, a feature high up on the request list for some has now come to fruition. I received an email tonight to say that I was invited to test out Adsense for Mobile.

What is Adsense for mobile?
Well it kind of does what it says on the tin, Adsense for mobile allows publishers to place adsense contextual advertising on website designed for mobile (cell) phones to monetise that traffic.

We have successfully conducted initial testing on the product and today, we’d like to invite you to try AdSense for mobile on your mobile website.

Adsense for mobile

As part of our efforts to develop new and improved AdSense products for our partners, we will begin a limited beta test for AdSense for mobile. AdSense for mobile allows publishers to monetize their mobile websites through the placement of targeted text ads. Publishers can take advantage of the fast-growing mobile advertising market and benefit from our targeting technology. 

So if you are wondering when we will get Adsense for mobile site, have a mobile website or a mobile version of your site, Adsense have created a new product in beta to cater for just that!

Dance with the devil and you’ll get burned

Dance with the DevilHow far is too far, how much is not enough and how much is too much?

Google’s webmaster guidelines are meant outline the do’s and dont’s of being a webmaster and how you should conduct your business, but that’s the killer, it is business. There is no room for complacency or half measures in business if you want to come out on top, you can be damn sure your competitors won’t lose sleep over you.

I did a small bit of work for a company last year to help improve traffic and rankings, the site that ranked at the top used all sorts of crap, keyword stuffing, hidden text etc. It had however remained No.1 in Google for over 2 years for a very rich paying keyphrase, not a shining example of webmaster guidelines. That site had also been reported as spam on several occasions with no effect. This blatant abuse drove the client mad and in his own words said

‘if I give you enough money can you destroy them?’

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What are Quick Links?

Quick Links search is dynamically generated content showing related search terms from content tags, keywords are updated automatically from across a network of advertisers to increase relevancy.

Recently I was approached by Media Jump to test and trial a new advertising method, which in itself is nothing unusual as high traffic website owners are often approached with offers to fill advertising space. Most of the time I don’t take much notice but this one looks good and the initial numbers stack up very well.

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Google checkout & online payments.

Processing online paymentsI have to thank Matt for pointing out to me last week that Google Checkout has now been opened up in the UK, this certainly appeals to me as I have a lot of small payments processed at present by Worldpay & Paypal. In fact most weeks I spend £70 on processing charges just for Worldpay.

For that reason the news the Google checkout has launched is of interest to me and they have dangled quite the carrot.

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Know your numbers & plan ahead

Al and I both own $10k+ a month websites and it’s fair to say we are both still learning and earning, forgetting about mini sites, domaining and one off property flipping and concentrating on one main large website will be the subject of this post.

There are some basic rules that I follow now that I’d like to share and if you run a website that is your main earner or one which you are aiming to grow into your main earner then I would consider the following points quite important.

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