Other Peoples Business is NONE of your Business

I often see (read, here, whatever) people commenting (typically complaining, moaning) about some other peoples latest business/venture and it drives me crazy. Instead of focusing energy on what other people are doing you’ll be so much more productive focusing on your own stuff.

Everybody is on a different business path and at a different stage (if you’re on the same path as the masses you probably want to differentiate). Comparing your journey to somebody else is often counter productive. What you do when you’re at page 316 is very different to what you did when you were at page 1.

I’m not saying don’t follow other folk (hey you’re reading this), but focus on the stuff that benefits you, the stuff you don’t like or agree with just ignore it, don’t waste your energy spending time on it. Mind your own business.

Internet Marketing and VAT, do you need to Register? Lessons Shared from a Compliance Check


This is a very UK specific post (though if you’re reading from elsewhere I’d suggest seeking some professional taxation advice). Also I’m not a qualified (or unqualified) accountant so bear that in mind too (however as you’ll read later don’t believe everything an accountant tells you).

When I receive a letter from HMRC I generally open it with a hint of dread (I’ve had one tax rebate in my life and enough fines and bills to cover that 1000 fold). With this letter the feeling of dread was very appropriate, it was from THE VAT MAN.

Dear Sir

VAT Registration Enquiry

Following a review of information held on Departmental records l understand that from SA returns quoting your Unique Taxpayer Reference for indicates that you exceeded the VAT registration limit during the 2007-2008 financial year and have continued to trade above the registration limit since then ‘ However, we are unable to trace a VAT registration.This could be for various reasons such as you are registered at a different address to the registered address or your services may be exempt from or beyond the scope of VAT.

If the company is VAT registered please inform me of the vrn or if they are not required to be registered please let me know the reason(s) why.

If the business should be registered please forward a monthly breakdown of your sales and cost of sales from April 2006 to 31st January 2013.

A belated notification penalty may apply so Forms CC/FS1a and CC/FSQ are attached for your information.

Please reply within 28 days of the date of this letter. However you choose to contact us about this check, you need to quote the case reference CFS-XXXXXX and any other references shown above.

Much love
Your friendly VAT man

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