Hit a gusher!

It’s been a busy but a good week for me, raised some money, sold some domains & more importantly bought a few websites which are (touch wood) exceeding expectations.

It was only 1 to 2 years ago that I thought although late to the party I should try and do whatever it takes to get a couple of great generic UK domain names, preferably on a budget and with a bit of luck, plenty emails and perseverance I got TVs & PCs & quite a few others.

Over the last 12 months my Adsense income took a pounding, other income levels remained good so while paying the bills was in hand I wasn’t as comfortable as I had been in the previous few years, so I decided early this year that I really needed to raise some funds and get some established sites, starting from scratch sucks, it’s not something I am good at and I am impatient. Also looking at my overall portfolio I have a good couple of earning sites, some good generic domains but really most of the income was still was coming from one or two sources leaving me feeling vulnerable.

I mentioned before I raised funds so really the last few weeks, and weeks to come, are about going shopping, I have acquired lists of websites from various sources, I won’t go into that now as I am still doing it, but it’s simple enough. I paid Ryan to knock up a script so I can sit and using frames click & load up each homepage one by one. It’s not complicated, it’s not exciting and just like when I research domain names you always get a nagging feeling it’s a waste of time because others must have done this before. Not always so, when emailing I have had responses like “I’ve never thought of selling”. Preferably I am looking for sites not polished, possibly neglected or under monetised. I guess for the most part I use gut instinct as soon as a homepage loads as to my interest, in 2000 sites I have browsed recently I have probably sent around 50 emails.

3 sites have been bought this week, one of which I will mention today. The site is animal info, a great informative website built over ten years detailing endangered animals throughout the world. This site really appealed, I have added adlinks at the top & analytics for tracking, it’s pretty much a plain text website with no design and loads of great information. It was also (seemed like) a long time in coming, my first email to the previous owner was on 4th April which received an immediate reply and negotiations went well from $5000 offered blind to an agreement at $10,000 USD for the site & domain, I never asked for stats as the site had not been updated in 2 years. The real delay came about as the seller didn’t want to use Escrow & didn’t want to give me his bank details, I had to get a bankers draft (cashiers check) made up in USD which took a week and then send through FedEx to his door. Oh and the owners email address was on the homepage so no complicated tracking down of owner, a simple email and within 6 hours a reply saying yes he would be interested in selling. Still, I was taking a calculated risk sending him the money up front.

The website looked a good buy, I guesstimated around 1000 to 2000 visitors per day, lots of good links and a really good resource, albeit a bit neglected in recent years. As soon as I got the site I used search & replace to put analytics across the site and it’s been a fun ride watching it over the last day or 2, the first part day produced 2600 visitors, more than I had envisaged, the next full day it had 5710 visitors and yesterday it had over 7000 visitors!

Wow! a real gusher when it comes to traffic, very exciting, I guess a good question to ask would be how much would you have paid for that website blind? Would you have paid $10k? The real value of an old established site with great content shows through when you look up the keywords, yesterday search sent 6,215 total visits via 4,108 keywords. That’s an awesome site, just like prime generic domain names these sites which were built over a decade and many of which now lie neglected won’t sit around forever, again just like generic domains there is a period of opportunity right now to offer a fair amount of money for something you can’t replicate anytime soon.

My plans for the site are not completely agreed upon, the site could be expanded to cover all info on animals and not just rare one’s, I have people willing to write for it, I guess the biggest concern for now will be getting it into a CMS, should I get a shared header,left, right & footer or should I get the site somehow put into a database CMS like wordpress for future posting/adding content. I’m not sure, if you have any ideas please let me know or if you think you could convert it into a manageable site for me for a fee then please get in touch with your thoughts & pricing. I think it’s clear from the traffic and the fact the biggest keyword brings in under 100 visitors that this site could be a big enough project to keep me going for some time.

Apart from that I bought a game site that gets 2000 visitors per day also bought for $10,000, it earned $40 yesterday so with any luck it could pay itself back in one year, I also have an offer on a hobby/information site which would get 1000-2000 visitors per day which could be a great little ecommerce or affiliate site. I think I am well on my way to achieveing the portfolio that I am aiming for, to offer more stability and enough to keep me busy on for some time to come, but ultimately maintenance free sites that earn a good living so that I can enjoy the summer and work as hard as I want to when I want to.

About Scott Jones

Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. I think I’d personally opt a high quality wordpress plugin and wordpress. Using wordpress would then save you ages in coming up with a design.

    The consistency of the layout of each page would make automation easier too. You’d need some perl or Java to do handle the exception cases (i.e. the inconsistencies).

    Looks like a great find. I’d be tempted to take on the project, but until I leave my employment, I wouldn’t have time.

    How do you go about looking for sites? What criteria do you use?


    Dan Harrison’s last blog post..How to fix a mystery delisting from Google

  2. Scott, Congratulations on the amazing purchase, that has fantastic potential! It may take a fair amount of work to get it looking good but the rewards could be outstanding.

    It must have a massive database behind it, any idea what the coding language is? i.e.(php,asp)

    • It’s all just flat .htm files at present Julian so leaves me with lot’s to ponder as how to control it best moving forward.

      • wow the guy you bought from did alot of work, 429 .htm pages! If it was me I would put all the page info into a .csv using excel and create nice looking site using php & mysql.

  3. The first step is to standardize the data. Ideally as something very well structured, e.g. XML.

    Once the data is well structured, you can create a matching database schema and put it all into a database.

    Then you write glue code to pull it out as a website again.

    Then you write the editing code that allows you to add or edit entries.


    Dan Harrison’s last blog post..How to fix a mystery delisting from Google

  4. Congratulations on both of your recent website purchases.
    Unfortunately I’m getting the following error when I clicked on your site:
    “The site you have requested does not exist on this server”.
    However, with that much traffic I’m sure you’ll be able to turn it into winner.
    Thanks for sharing,

  5. Can you share with us how do you monetize that game site?

    Anyway, I really like the blog, especially because you are so open about your projects, it can help others to learn more about online business so … thanks! 🙂

    • Just Adsense large image ads.

      • Wow, I really want to see a website which pulls 40$ with Adsense in this niche. Want to share URL 🙂 ?

        With my TV site I can’t earn this much with Adsense even with 3x more visitors than you have. I think that earnings peer click are the same, both are in entertainment niche with similar user base… Probably better ads are displayed …

        Great thing that there’s an Amazon, this pulls up much higher CTR and earnings in my niche.

  6. That’s a good PR 6 site. You negotiated the price or it was just one go from the seller?

  7. For some reason I can’t pull the site up right now. But the comment above says 429 pages. Would you like me to get you a quote to convert to Joomla?

    Justin Cook’s last blog post..When digital theft is a good thing!

    • Check it tomorrow and if there was still a problem let me know please Justin, the site is being moved to a better server. Yes I’d be interested in any quotes/options I had for it mate.

  8. Well done Scott… Can’t open the site either. Is dns correct?

    • Yes but still seems to be propogating in some parts, taking a while, please check it tomorrow Ian and see if it’s resolving for you.

  9. Peter Askew says:

    Site still shows “The site you have requested does not exist on this server” over here in the USA..fyi..

    (great post though – keep sharing and don’t stop.. this is the stuff that keeps me motivated)


    • Thanks Peter, upgrade the hosting and lose the site for a few hours, ironic, should be back tomorrow, I am seeing it on some proxy sites so seems to be getting there.

  10. Congrat’s Scott. That’s a great find. And thanks for writing it up.

    I have some thoughts for you but will send them in email.

  11. Looks like a great site – cant see it but the stats on SEO toolbar look good and SEM Rush show it is top for a lot of keyword phrases with very high potential income – nice find! Very well done!!!

    I am looking for a nice $1,000 site with income that I can move to wordpress to play around with. Dont want to spend more than that because I will most likely screw it up so will start small.
    Always look forward to your posts, very inspirational – cheers.

  12. seems like the wikipedia and other quality backlinks would play a good role in the serps of this website. Make sure even if you change the CMS, the page titles are not effected and remain unchanged!

  13. Very nice find Scott, i read your post last night but could’nt access the site as you were moving servers.

    Now i can see the site, i can’t believe the site has NO styling, i at least expected some kind of basic styling!

    I’m sure a nice modern design will help you boost revenue and traffic no ends.

    Ash’s last blog post..Nettexmedia.com – Nettex Media – Nettexmedia

  14. What a wonderful buy, it will be great all around if you do start adding to it as it would have been a shame to have it just sitting there year after year. Sounds like a good result for all parties. I just bought http://www.earthfacts.net which is a similar genre to yours only on a much smaller scale, like 50 times smaller in terms of cost and income etc, and I don’t really like wordpress myself so had to convert it to Joomla and I updated the template a tiny bit. What I do like about it though is that the stats are pretty much what the guy said they were before I bought it, which I think is kind of refreshing in itself. 🙂

  15. It is surprising just how plain it is – but I suppose that is what you should be looking for. It will be very easy to improve it – certainly the presentation anyways.
    I would just be very worried about switching it to a CMS for fear of ballsing it up! I would probably end up paying an expert to do it for me with a site for that much money.

    • When I was flicking through hundreds of sites you can see why a site like that would stand out as neglected/interesting. My fears are the same Andy, no coding skills so will take my time making a decision on it.

      • At a minimum I’d want to ensure my urls stayed the same or 301 the old urls to the new when and if I moved to a cms.

      • Scott, do you find your lack of coding skills to be a hindrance? Any plans to learn how to programme? Any benefits to not being a coder?


        Dan Harrison’s last blog post..How to fix a mystery delisting from Google

        • Absolutely a hindrance at times with no benefits that I know of, I don’t plan to learn as it’s usually an issue only at the start of a project, I make up for it in other ways by being determined to find good bargains that make it worthwhile paying for expertise when needed.

  16. If you were into Joomla you could convert it to that and use the sh404 (SEF) or the Artio Joomsef plugin, which would mean pretty much all the URLs could be identical to what they are now.

    Another, much easier option would be to just leave the current pages (apart from the index) alone and only use a CMS for any new ones you make. That’s probably a bit too lazy though. 🙂

  17. Great find..Almost a dream find.

    I know the learning curve can be tough and if you have resources bring on board a kiddy scripter, but for a true CMS (cause wordpress despite the ease and hype is not) go with Drupal….It power and its community driven and the mods will drive traffic wayy up if utilized corrrectly-Content and changing content and interaction could make u a killing with this site..
    Content is king and Drupal or to a lesser extent Joomla really are the machines to use

  18. Well done Scott – That truly was a post worth waiting for. Interesting to see how you are breaking away from your regular (connected) niche of electronics (TVs, PCs, PCGames) etc… very interesting stuff

    Were you nervous obout FedEx-ing a bankers draft? That would have put me off straight away!

    Do you ever have days when a deal is in progress and you are cr4pping your pants?!

    • Oh yes, waiting to see the envelope show up in Fedex tracking and then seeing it be delivered to a neighbour was not fun at all, very nervous.

  19. I am completely lost – seriously!

    You paid 10K for an org site with some content. What about this makes you think it is worth that? How are you going to make a return on this? I can’t understand your logic here at all. Why did you spend 10k on this rather than something else? What drew you to this deal?


    • I don’t think that site is worth $10,000 either. Yes, it might be getting 6-8K in daily traffic, but can you monetise such a niche very well? Animal niches (especilly general animal content) is very difficult to monetise.

      I bet the chap (or a lady) that sold it must be ecstatic. I think you should have persisted with your initial $5K offer, even then I think it might be too much for a site with only a few hundred pages. I am guessing a lot of valuation is based on the domain age, which is a very big mistake if you can’t monetise a site. Domain age is sometimes overrated.

      By the way, on the gaming site, are you earning $40 a day on 2000 uniques from adsense. That would be quite exceptional because adsense clicks on gaming sites is very low normally.

      • The gaming gets around 2k uniques and has earned: $41, $68, $59, $47 and $46. Just because you read/hear or have so far had different result does not mean it can’t be done.

        Re Animalinfo: Did I pay $10k for this site, yes, is it worth it? I shall get my $10k back in 12 months, I can’t see a better way to spend my money, if you don’t see the value then we differ in opinion but I am delighted with the purchase, there are lot’s of ways to monetise animals sites, one animal site I already own gets 2500 uniques a day and earns $10k per year making this site, in comparison, a bargain, imo.

  20. Hi,
    Managed to take a look at the site now …
    It’s got over 423 pages indexed in Google – what a great find!
    At the moment there’s very little in the way of monetization, so you should easily be able to improve on your $40 AdSense earnings per day.
    It’ll be interesting to keep an eye on this site and see how you improve the design and develop it.
    Kind regards,

  21. Wow.. you seem to be getting on well just now. Things seem to be on the up! What an increase in traffic – fantastic. I’m glad you’re getting there with your portfolio. You must be thrilled that the gamble for that new website paid off.. I hope it pays for itself over the year

  22. Really lots of money involve in there. Hoping you can get that back in due time dude! But IMHO, 10k is really a big deal.

    Ron’s last blog post..Cavite Sulitizens Group

  23. I am not criticising your purchase, perhaps, since you are a much more experienced online marketer, you are able to spot opportunities better across different niche sites than I ever could.

    Regarding the gaming, is it arcade or different type of gaming? From my experiecne at what I have read on forums, arcade sites have very low cost per click earnings from adsense. But perhaps you are also running CPM or other type of ads too.

    Also, going directly to people who are not looking to sell is often a better way to get cheaper deals because the owner may not have any idea what they could potentially earn from a site. However, I simply have neither the time nor the patience to take this route. I know I could have gotten some real good buys had I taken this route, but I suppose its not really for me.

    Also, I have noticed you pay very genrously for sites, sometimes up to 3 year’s revenue. Whenever i buy sites, I tend to set an upward limit to around 16 months, and even then, the site has to have potential to increase monthly income so I can pay myself back in 12 months or less. However, I do relaise tehere are sites out there which may deserve 5-6 years income because the potential may so great.

    I persoanlly bought a site recently for $13K, but the site is earning around $900 month for the last few months, mostly from adsense and direct advertisers who come looking to place their links and banners. Since the site gets a lot of traffic, I am looking to run a CPM banner too. I am planning to increase income on the site to around $2000-2500 a month by this time next year. It will be hard slog to get there, but I think I could possibly to do it, especially given Google has deindexed some 30-50% of the content in the last month, so I expect to a see a big spike in traffic when all the pages are reindexed again which could rightaway increase my adsense and Chitika substantially as search engine traffic seems to be the best type at conversion for those.

    • I had the same suspicions as you Nesa as regards the arcade site but had full access to analytics which was tied to Adsense to back up the $20-$30 a day earnings which are now higher with a little tweaking.

    • Mind telling us a bit about your purchase? How did you find the site for sale? That’s seems like a pretty great deal to be able to create positive ROI in less than 2 years.

      Justin Cook’s last blog post..When digital theft is a good thing!

  24. I suggest you write a nice little regex script to go through all your pages and pull off the title tags and content. Then just whack it in a db with custom cms.

    Shouldnt take long to do and that way you have full control.

    I don’t like using WP as a CMS.
    I’d rather write my own little one (that simply does title tags and content)

    I have some very very advanced SEO scripts that can be whacked on a site that would definately help this kind of site… defintely.

    Get in touch if you want to talk

    Chris’s last blog post..Exploring the earning power of a niche site

  25. Aren’t you concerned with the time it will take to administer such a large number of sites earning $xxx- $xxxx a month?

    Don’t you think you would see a better ROI on your time/money with a smaller number of sites in more profitable verticals?

    • The last few sites I have bought are zero maintenance on my part, one site cost $10,000 has made $500 in 8 days and takes no input from myself. So I feel I can get a good roi on decent sized sites as long as they are zero maintenance, as you say I don’t want to be tying myself down looking after them.

      • That is an excellent return – 5% in the space of 8 days is pretty much unbeatable in investment circles.

        If income remained consistent over 12 months you would be netting approx 220%!!!
        Half of that amount is your target so…

        I think having a lot of sites generating small amounts is a good idea – you never know when a competitior is going to hammer you by investing in SEO and climbing above you in the SERPS or google change their algorithm and your site drops off a few places (or god forbid a few pages!!)

        it would be great to have an enormous super dooper site bringing in 100,000+ per year but diversification, spreading the risks and not being totally knacked if one of your sites suddenly stops performing sounds a whole lot safer to me.

        • Yeah kind of hoping that site keeps going like that but feel there may be an inevitable drop at some point. I’d like another site or two doing $10-$20 per day in the near future but no new bites recently, just emails going out and NO’s coming back.

        • Higher number of small websites doing a little bit here and there is a way to go…

          Its better to have 100,000 vistors across 100 sites than 100,000 across just one…

        • Thats definitely my strategy!
          Partly to spread the risk across many sites/sectors and also because at the moment I will probably make mistakes so would prefer it to be a $500 error rather than a $5,000 screw up!

          Just bought 10 related .co.uk domains – some with full websites, others partially constructed. The search volume and CPC looks good enough to justify the $500 outlay so if it doesnt work out income wise I will just try and get them ranking them sell them on again.

          Trouble at the moment is finding a good chunk of time to spend on each of them alongside my day-to-day business.

        • There-in lies the problem, building 1 to 20 really good sites with great content would be tough, starting from scratch at a time when people link less than they used to. I want to buy good aged content sites but need to drive better bargains on price I think just to make the money go further.

        • Content isnt a problem for me – I like the writing part – especially i its something I know about but I loathe linkbuilding!
          I have been buying a monthly publication which has 30 links on high PR sites. the pages themselves are new as you create them yourself but they are PR 6, 7, 8, 9 trusted sites so the pages should pick up a ranking pretty quickly.
          I checked all the backlinks for one of the sites the author was talking about and they look very strong.
          Still a pain in the ass doing it though.

          I have been looking for a good paid service and read recently that you need to really mix it up – some with specific anchor text others with no anchor text or “link here” etc also followed AND no-follow links.

          That for me is the hardest part of the whole process and the most time consuming so the benefits of buying older establshed sites are truly immense – I just keep being offered a load of crap when I advertise the fact that I am looking and have XXXX budget.

  26. David Jones said

    “Higher number of small websites doing a little bit here and there is a way to go…

    Its better to have 100,000 vistors across 100 sites than 100,000 across just one…”

    Not really. Yes, you can earn small incremental income through such sites, but on the whole, they almost always rely on adsense. I think a single quality site getting 100,000 a month is better (it needs to be a quality site though) than 100 sites all getting small number of uniques each day and relying on small number of adsense clicks.

    Its much easier to potentially sell advertsing (other than adsense) on a larger site and receive a good amount of income month after month.

    However, I do recommend several quality sites or a few qulaity sites that are fairly big and a handful of smaller sites in order to diversiy risk.

    Lets face it, the only staretgy of building a vast number of websites is to put it up and hope people click on the Google ads, but attracting natural links are hard as it is, it would be even harder on low quality sites. but you are right, this strategy can work for the few lucky people, but its getting more and more difficult as they are not being able to game Google like they use to without having quality site(s).

    • I dont really plan on building adsense sites though.
      looking at good, infomative content across sites using affiliate links to sell products.

      I have just bought 4 keyword domains for my everyday business which will be developed to rank for their specific keyword titles.
      These sites will hopefully generate leads (my main site does this very well) which I can convert into business myself or sell onto to the company I work with.

      100 uniques per month is the target for each of them – not much point in using adsense on such low traffic but the conversion cost per client is €1,000+

      My other sites I have bought target specific DIY products – dunno whether I will use amazon for them or find specific affiliates.

      If you read back through some of Scotts other posts he is doing well from leasing out sites once they are developed and ranking – totally different to both adsense and affiliate income – more diversified again.

      Definitely something I will try and do as well if I can ever get the things developed and ranking properly!

  27. Buying websites and domains is just a gamble and your lucky that it’s paying off especially in this market.
    I sold a website some years ago for about ten grand and now it’s worth over a half a million…..kinda sorry I gave up on it then.

    I personally have about a dozen sites that I am trying to sell but can find no buyers these days. I just keep building traffic and holding on to them and hoping things will pick up.

    Congrats on the success.

    Mike’s last blog post..SEO Copywriting: How To Choose Article Marketing Topics To Achieve Maximum Exposure

    • If you have a dozen sites for sale put up a page with the details and link to it from here, there are plenty of people looking to buy good quality sites.

      • I am looking for sites with revenue at the moment – max budget about 1,500 pounds so if you can stick a link to a page I would be interested.

  28. I would be interested to. Bought a few sites in the last few months, including one substantial purchase.

    • @ Mike, get in touch with what sites you have up for sale….

      certainly half the people on this site will show interesting in buying your site…whether they will or not depends!

  29. That looks like a great buy. Funny how something so simple doubles the traffic in 2 days. I wonder if the personb wo owned the site would have sold it if they knew this.

  30. Simply amazing Scott. To answer you question then “no” I would not have paid 10k for the site even though it has a PR6. I would probably have discounted it because it was on a .info domain.

    But then again buying domains is not my game and I would probably never be able to find the diamonds that you’re able to look up.

    With that many visitors per day I am sure you can turn that into a goldmine fairly quickly.

    Congratulations on the purchase.

    Mikael Rieck’s last blog post..Keyword Competition: What about Competitive High Paying Keywords?

  31. Oh… just noticed that it was a .org domain. Sorry 🙂

    Mikael Rieck’s last blog post..Keyword Competition: What about Competitive High Paying Keywords?

  32. Where are the best places to sell sites nowadays? Is Sitepoint still the best?

    Looking at the possibility of selling one of my blogs at the momeent (porscheblogs.co.uk)and every selling site seems to be full of spam.

    Any tips?

  33. PB, that looks like a nice site. Reminds me of the guy from Australia that has build a huge successful auto blog that is making him millions a year now.

    I believe he was a friend of Yaro Starak. I think this is the site: http://www.autoblog.com/


    Mikael Rieck’s last blog post..How to Get Social Bookmark Backlinks and Why You Want Them – Part 1

  34. porscheblogs.co.uk isn’t exactly premium, it only goes back a month.

  35. I wasn’t aware I said it was premium? I was talking about selling sites, not domain names. How would you determin a site is premium exactly.

    Have you not heard of Site flipping?

  36. Well I don’t want to fill Scott’s site with bickering, but I was referring to you saying that SP and DP are full of spam in that your site isn’t exactly a prime example of a site above and beyond the dross one has to trawl through to find a worthwhile site on Sitepoint or Digital Point etc. It’s the whole ‘site flipping’ mentality that’s rendered SP and DP etc pretty much useless for anyone who’s trying to find a worthwhile site that will actually make them some good money.

    It’s just my opinion of course, but I think this discussion is really about large/ish investments in large long-term money making websites, not about asking where we can sell our ten penny wordpress installations, or ‘flip sites’.

    • My feeling on the matter is that you’re not going to find the best deals in those forums. People there are actively trying to sell, they want their site to be worth a lot.

      You’re probably better off doing what Scott did, looking for sites that have potential but aren’t maintained, and contacting the owner to offer a price.

      Justin Cook’s last blog post..When digital theft is a good thing!

    • I think I love you haha.

      Very true points though, I often go looking for decent sites to buy (real ones yanno, like they had in the old days?) but never seem to find them.

      Sad times

    • Well, you do come across a few really good ones from time to time. But I agree, there are far too many sites there that are garbage. Sitepoint does not apply any strict listing criteria because all they wnat is to earn the listing fees and it would also involve a lot of administrative time to do that.

  37. I’m wondering if you misunderstood me. I was meaning that I was looking at sites that sell websites and they all seemed to be full of spam…therefore, where do people sell websites nowadays.

    SP and DP are pretty much full of full of flippers (?) – the people buying and selling good quality web businesses must have gone somewhere.

    I wasn’t inferring that the blog that I was looking at selling was premium.

    I was actually wondering where sites that sell decent website are now. If you must know I am looking to expand my portfolio as have capital ready and time to develop.

    And yes…I don’t want to fill Scott’s site with bickering.

  38. Wow Scot I may be a little late to the party but I have to say I’m impressed. 420 indexed pages, thousands of search terms and immediate payback with bundles of potential, this is a sure fire long game player. $10k for a PR6 site that’s pulling in all that organic traffic sounds a bargain and I wish you all the best with it as well as keeping my eye on it. Gary

    Frog’s last blog post..Digg to SPAM Twitter and Facebook?

  39. bharath says:

    congrats scott. keep us posting.

  40. The SP and DP marketplace contain lots of crap these days, however sometimes there are gems that popup. But that’s more like 1-2 sites per month (if you’re lucky).

    Plus then again, they are almost instantly sold 🙂

  41. Scott, I see you’ve already added adsense to that animal site; can you share how much it’s making on a daily basis? (gross amount)



    • Hi Bruno, with the adlinks top & bottom & the search at the top right it’s doing around $15 per day from that on Adsense.

      • So… paid for in 2 years tops?

        • If things remain as is then yes, I bought 2 sites for $10k each, the other site is doing amazingly well, between them – they have earned $725 from Adsense in the last 7 days so if things stayed as they are I could get the $20k back in just over half a year. The other site wasn’t very old hence it was cheap/a risk so time will tell, I’m still looking for one more decent site for around $10k but nothing on my radar as yet.

  42. Wow, that’s great, a ROI under 2 years!
    If you add other revneue streams you can do even better. 🙂
    I guess I need to start digging a few sites under my niche(s).

    Docx’s last blog post..How to convert docx to pdf?

  43. Nice purchase, how much would your sell it now, thanks Mally

    Magazine Subscription’s last blog post..Axxess Magazine

  44. Wow, I am in the search of website which pulls 40$ with Adsense in this niche. Want to share URL

    I can’t earn this much with Adsense through my walllpaper site even with 3x more visitors than you have. I think that earnings peer click are the same, both are in entertainment niche with similar user base…

  45. I just love analytics, and when the traffic goes up like yours did in the little screenshot you shared with us it is great cause for happiness! You definitely made a good purchase there, and should be able to cash in nicely on your new purchase with just a little bit of TLC! keep us posted on your progress please.

  46. Congrats on the new domains you’ve acquired, the first two that you said are really great domain names! And also a big congrats on that gusher of a website! It must have been an awesome feeling seeing the website pay off like that, especially after blindly going into the offer as you said, you did not ask for stats. Good thing you didn’t either as you never know, if the person might have thought better off selling the website once they saw the stats.

  47. I had a site and sold it for 30K a few years ago. The guy that bought it totally destroyed the site and is now using it as a redirect.

    It goes to show you, content is king.

  48. Come on Scott, give us another blogpost!
    Where´s Al these days?

  49. Scott,

    Are you selling netbooks.co.uk & notebooks.co.uk?

    How come?


  50. To work as hard as I want to, when I want to….I really like that quotation, and think that you’re on the right track to achieving that goal. Spreading your income over as diverse a portfolio as possible makes a lot of sense. Low maintenance is key though.

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