UK Mini Conference – Think Visibility

I’ve enjoyed doing a few speaking gigs this year and intend to do more next year, the first of which is going to be Think Visibility organised by my good friend Dom AKA The Hodge.

Think Visibility is in Leeds on 7th March 2009.

Think Visibility is a one-day mini conference with a focus on the areas of web development and marketing which are usually left behind in the creation process:
SEO, PPC, Monetisation, Blogging, Accessibility and Usability.

Tickets for the conference are limited (~150) and cost £30 which is an absolute bargain. There are 32 great speakers, I won’t mention them all but there are certainly names people in the industry will instantly recognise, like Dave Naylor, Patrick Altoft, Tim Nash, Peter Cooper, the list goes on (check out the speaker bios here ).

There will be plenty of knowledge to pick up on the day itself and even more at the after party afterwards (this is the best time to learn the less public stuff and network like crazy). If you’re in the UK and a regular or a conference virgin this is no brainer to attend. IMHO there are only two things wrong with it, it’s too cheap and there are too many speakers but that can only benefit the networking for everybody.

Hope to see you all at Think Visibility.

About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. I’m tempted to go to that!
    Sadly the train ticket to leeds will probably mean I don’t get as good a deal as everyone else though. 🙁

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  2. Being a tight northerner it’s a bit easier to get to! 🙂

    One for the schedule.


  3. Thats a pretty impressive list of speakers. This is definitely one to put in the diary. I look forward to hearing you speak Al.

  4. I already got the ticket! Looks like it’s going to be fantastic.

    Matthew’s last blog post..Spy Pen

  5. Coming from Southampton, it’s a trek for me. However, I’ve registered. It’ll be my first conference (relating to web stuff).

    Dan @’s last blog post..What should I read your blog?

  6. Al, do you think it’s worth a group of us getting together, either before or after the event for a warmup/warmdown social? I’ll be staying at a Hotel for 2 nights

    Dan @’s last blog post..What should I read your blog?

  7. This looks really good actually and Leeds makes a change.

    Will check out hotels and train from Aberdeen tonight.

  8. Yep – Im signed up. This looks like too good value to miss. Having just launched my newest site over the last few days, and v. reluctant to throw other profits down the PPC drain, hopefully this can be really really worth it!

  9. Cool – a UK conference, so many of them seem to be in the US (not that I wouldn’t mind going to the US, it’s just the cost of the ticket!) I’m sure I can get a one day (and night) pass from the missus for this 🙂

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  10. It’s not a bad conference, judging from the fact that there is also free coffee and tea-break.

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  11. Travelling over from Halifax… At last an event I don’t have to travel for hours to.

    See you there.

  12. Sounds interesting, but how the hell do you propose putting 32 speakers in one day?

    It will be information overload, but I may just attend to finally meet some of these people.

  13. If I were in the country I would definitely want to be there. £30 is nothing if you know how to take advantage of these events!

    Mikael’s last blog post..Husker du at kommentere på din egen blog?

  14. I completely agree that there are two many speakers. You can only retain so much in one day. You’ll probably only get 10-20 minutes each, with little time for questions (the most valuable portion in my opinion)

    Don’t forget my public speaking tip I gave you!

    Justin Cook’s last blog post..What is Google’s new SearchWiki?

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