David Beckham’s new Hebrew tattoo

David Beckham had a new tattoo done a couple of day before Christmas, at the time I couldn’t say anything but now it’s public knowledge I can reveal we did to translation for the tattoo.

It’s a biblical quote in Hebrew which says “My son do not forget my teachings, but keep my commands in your heart” doing any translation for a tattoo demands accuracy but doing one for a celebrity brings a certain amount of attention & scrutiny. If your looking for a Hebrew translation then we can help you out as we use a professional human translator, don’t make the mistake of trusting lists online or computer programs, people still do for some reason.

Just a little anecdote on that subject

For the translation page I needed a sample to show potential customers what it would look like, I asked the translator to send me anything in Hebrew. I then listed some common question that I get asked like “Can you do I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine” – this was a famous tattoo Victoria Beckham had and often requested.

Using the power of the internet someone Googled “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine” and found my translation page, they then took the huge leap of presuming the example image on the page was “I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine”  and without contacting me at all printed it and had it tattooed. It was only a year later they contacted me to ask what it said and confessed their stupidity and wanted to know what they had on their arm, I didn’t know so asked the transaltor…. “my name” replied the translator. When I told the person they took it well and emailed me back to say “Could be worse I guess”

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  1. The tattoo’s at your website are all original? If not can you share the source of the same?

  2. Cool, did you get lot of media attention. Did you traffic go or the ranking?

    “Could be worse I guess” ahahah

  3. Who cares about Beckham? I wish people would stop caring about these so-called ‘celebrities’ and look at their their own lives and bring up their children right because this country (UK) is going down the pan wuih teens going on the rampage with bing drinking and no moral fibre in their bones and idolising idiots like Beckham.

  4. Sure you didn’t translate it to… ‘He shoots, he scores!’ 😉


  5. What a missed oppurtunity!

    The artist could have written ‘I’m with skinny’ in hebrew 🙂

    oh yeah, merry christmas; happy new year, Deano

    Deano’s last blog post..Something in the air

  6. or alternatively “I love curvy women!”.

    It would have made my century for Beckham to have goofed up one of his tattoos!

  7. Beckham’s tattoo is from Proverbs 2 I think. I’m expecting my first child (a son), so it’s especially meaningful to me.

    How did you know before it was public knowledge?

    Justin Cook’s last blog post..What is Google’s new SearchWiki?

  8. Beckham is really collecting up the tattoos now isn’t he – haven’t seen this latest one yet, but some of his I like, some I don’t – as long as he likes em though would be the main thing!

  9. Wow that’s impressive! A Hebrew translation is a great idea, but I feel as though it’s just a trend (as was the Chinese symbol tattoo).

    I’m sure with a name like Beckham using your services, hopefully this will be a good boost. I’m also interested in eyeliner’s question regarding traffic/media attention.

    Jesse’s last blog post..Online Tutoring: Scope of State-Private Partnership

  10. Some kind of a da vinci’s code stuff:)

  11. It is good to see that Beckham is going outside the box here instead of the typical Chinese symbol or barbed wire look.

  12. I’m glad to read about this: finally a tatoo design that’s sometwhat original, and also somewhat inspiring, instead of being something simple like a dragon or heart.

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