Personal Supercomputers

250 times the processing power of a traditional dektop pc the personal supercomputer may not be the work of fiction. With 4Tflops of floating-point maths these are designed for research and science more than gamers at present and at a snip under $10k you won’t be playing Crysis on one anytime soon.

Typically when I read articles or press releases like this is checking the whois and finding the obvious domains were register years and years ago.

However was free to reg today and just in case anyone else is interested in such domains/technology there are some possibly decent domains with potential still available.

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  1. I really have to stop reading this blog! I have so much on my plate, but almost every post of yours that I read makes me want to take on one more site.

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  2. I bet these supercomputers will come down below $1000 in a few years because they will become the standard then. Of course there will be some eager buyers wanting to get their hands on them sooner rather later. I guess its OK for the super rich.

  3. $10k isn’t a huge amount for a supercomputer, at current exchange rates its around £7k, compare this to the cost of an Mac pro that isn’t far off £2k currently

  4. At first, I thought you are introducing about Super Computers, but after further reading down the articles in detail, I realised you were referring to the domain names instead.

    Those domain names sound cool and probably had great prospects in future. However, someone could have already bought them down by now.

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  5. The .net is gone, .org still available.

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