Who are dah Think Tankers

I’m excited to be going to PurposeInc’s Think Tank at the end of this month. This is probably going to be the coolest and most laid back networking event ever. So far there are 36 attendees and probably a fair few names that everybody in our game will recognise. However I have real memory problems when it comes to faces so this is a quick post (which took bloody ages) to print out to put names and faces together. I’ve also included Twitter links as I reckon all of theses people are worth a follow.

Neil Patel
Neil Patel Quick Sprout
All round smart guy, especially social media
Pamelund That Pam Chick
Pamela Lund has over seven years of experience in marketing, including PPC management, SEO and offline mediums such as radio and television advertising..
Aaron Chronister
Aaron Chronister The Mad Hat
I began in the SEO field in 2000 and I taught myself most of everything I know through trial and error and error and error. Iโ€™m currently into all types Internet marketing: search engine optimization, domain acquisition, affiliate marketing, contextual ads, arbitrage ….
Jon White
Jon White Gold Traders
Another UK Internet entrepreneur with a wide variety of sites.
John Andrews
John Andrews johnon.com
John Andrews is a Competitive Webmaster and Search Engine Optimization Consultant in Seattle, Washington. This is John Andrews blog on issues of interest to the SEO community and competitive webmasters
Mark Gebbia
Mark Gebbia How to organize stuff
Mark is currently making most of his living off of content sites delivering Adsense, and feels he is strongest in SEO and SEM.
Michael Dorausch
Michael Dorausch Planetc1
Michael is one of the countries premier chiropractors. Not only does he help thousands of people himself, but he has a profound influence on the health consciousness of the entire population.
 Chris Winfield
Chris Winfield 10e20
Chris is an extremely famous SEO, and perhaps more interesting to the other ThinkTankers is his consistent skill in getting people written up in major U.S. magazines, such as Entrepreneur, Business Week, People and others!
 Rhea Drysdale
Rhea Drysdale Rhea Drysdale
Online Marketing Director. SEO. First Coast Surfrider Chair. Associate Editor for SEJ.
Andy Denton
Andy Denton AndyDenton.com
Current occupation consists of the construction and managment of several key internet properties – predominantly in the real estate vertical. Properties include, Realty.com, RealtyAgents.com, my4closure.com, smallLoans.com and others.
 Scott Skinger
Scott SkingerTrain Signal
Scott, is the founder and president of TrainSignal.com, an e-commerce site that creates computer training products for IT professionals.
Scott Hendison
Scott Hendison PDXTC
Internet consultant Scott Hendison puts websites at the top of the search engines.
Brian La France
Brian La France BrianLaFrance
In Brian’s words: Geek, Fat Kid, and Bad Ass SEO. ๐Ÿ™‚
 Corey Hammond
Corey Hammond CoryHammond
Corey Hammond is an SEO and Social Media guy and a gadget head.
Kevin Henrikson
Kevin Henrikson Kevin Henrikson.com (maybe)
His wife is adorable, and a sharp fashion blogger, business gal too. More about Kevin later (when somebody tells dk or I).
Aaron Wall
Aaron Wall SEO Book
Aaron blogs about SEO stuff at SEO Book.com He also runs the leading online SEO forum and offers an online SEO training program.
Shannon Poole
Shannon Poole
Shannon is in charge of marketing for the new SEM Journal.
 Tony Adam
Tony Adam Tony Adam
His current gig is doing SEO for Yahoo for their own properties that are not part of their search engine.

Tony recently helped out Pay Pal doing SEO for them.

Andy Liu
Andy LiuBuddy TV
Andy has carefully managed the money he has received and has leveraged each dollar to build the site BuddyTV.com into the largest television site on the Internet
Jeremy Hermanns
Jeremy Hermanns JeremyHermanns.org
Jeremy is a search engine specialist, certified Google Advertising Professional, and Yahoo! Advertising Ambassador. He is graduate of the University of Southern California, and is also a licensed private pilot, an accomplished sailor (double shellback), and a hamburger connoisseur.
 Al Carlton
Al Carlton Self Made Minds
That will be me, specialise in blogging and monetization

 Jordan Glasn
Jordan Glasner Brands on Sale
Jordan has become a Ruby on Rails programmer of custom SEM tools. The biggest application he works on is a PPC management tool that creates and manages hundred of thousands of long tail keywords.

Jon Kelly
Jon Kelly JonathanKelly.com
Throughout much of this story, Jon has been doing paid search. He is an expert and regularly speaks on the subject at SMX, SES, and Pubcon.
Glen Reeves
Glen Reeves
Over the last 10 years he has worked on over 100 campaigns of varying design and goals, preferring now to specialize in SEM and improving on site conversion rates
Ryan Quiel
Ryan Quiel RyanQuiel
Ryan has created and manages How To sites and hyperlocal sites such as his Golden Gate Park site.

 Stefan Juhl
Stefan Juhl stefanjuhl.com
Stefan is enthusiastic about internet stuff. He spends most of his time doing internet marketing and monetizing websites through his online media company Signalzoo.

Slaven Radic
Slaven Radic
Very successful in the PPC and tech arena.

Geordie Carswell
Geordie Carswell geordiecarswell.com
Geordie has just wrapped up his time as the founding CEO of RevenueWire
Inc., a new software affiliate network and online credit
card processor.

Gregg McNairDomainer Meeting
His reputation rolls out like a strong southern wind before him, with a bit of mystery. You will find Gregg mentioned as a keynote speaker at Domain Conferences, but you you wonโ€™t find much about him Online.
 Peter Askew
Peter Askew DomainersGazette
He dove into the Internet in 1998 starting heavily in PPC and a little SEO.He is currently deeply involved in a domain name business where he actively buys, sells, and develops generic, top level domains.

Alexander BarbaraWealth Building Blog (+ others)
Alex is a total computer geek programmer who loves to hack and works mostly in PHP and Ruby on Rails. He wrote his first shareware program back in the โ€™90s.
Jenise Uehara Henrikson
Jenise Uehara Henrikson
I don’t know much about Jenis. though di meet her briefly at Elite Retreat this year
 Bill Jensen
Bill Jensen
Billโ€™s offical title is the director of New Media for Village Voice Media.
He has the task of transforming 15 weekly newspapers into 15 daily online publications. The sites include villagevoice, LAweekly, and SFweekly.
Giovanna Wall
Giovanna WallAbout PPC
Amongst other things, Giovanna works the PPC arena, and blogs about PPC at About PPC Blog
 Sean Golliher
Sean Golliher SEMJ
Sean heads up the new SEM Journal which is a peer reviewed Scientific journal that is taking on duplicate content, SEO, the algorithm and starting the long process of sorting out the wheat from the chaff, the truth from the boasting, and finding what actually is real and what falls under SEO superstition.
Jeremy Schoemaker
Jeremy Schoemaker ShoeMoney
Does a little PPC and wears lots of T-Shirts.

We obviously need to include the organizers who have made this cool event possible.

dk – David Klien Purpose Inc
The main man




If I’ve missed anyone or their Twitter please let me know, looking forward to meeting you all there.
[ Thanks to Mike for the Twitter image ]

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Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. Hi Al,

    Not long to go now… I’m so looking forward to it!

    dk has lined-up such a fantastic group of people, this is going to be a superb event.

    Have a good flight… I know your business class ticket will offer a lot more comfort to my cheapo cattle class one!

  2. This is will be a great help for attendees! Thank you for putting it all together.

    Quick note tho…my twitter is twitter.com/pamela_lund now ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I feel decidely under-qualified compared to that lot. Makes my $80 per month from adsense a little underwhelming!

    Daniel Harrison’s last blog post..Link Cocktail: NoFollow Tool, PDF and RSS Ads and Earnings Proof

    • Yeah, I know the feeling, I’ve got a long way to go before I get anywhere near what those guys are doing. Still my earnings are increasing all the time and with such a massive upside I’m confident that given time and hard (smart) work the rewards will come. Very nice site you’ve got there BTW.

    • We all started at that level Daniel, it just takes effort and time to improve. Once you get on a roll it does get quicker and easier.

  4. Where do I sign up? I want to go.

    I’d go just to see the hot chicks!


    purposeinc’s last blog post..Shoemoney Win a Trip to the Purposeinc Think Tank Contest Entrants

  5. This event has it all! I’ll get to hang with some of the most influential folks in the biz, get to drink, and get adjusted from the host chiropractor. I’m so there!

    Michael D’s last blog post..Xray machine, processor and accessories for sale

  6. Great event, I am thinking of going to the event in the UK. Really looking forward to Al’s presentation ๐Ÿ™‚ No pressure Al.

  7. how long does it take to enter into this list? :p

    Amit Bhawani’s last blog post..How to Fix Low Virtual Memory Error in Windows

  8. @Michael D,
    Not to mention the “possibility” of getting adjusted by the greatest chiropractor in Los Angeles?

    purposeinc’s last blog post..Shoemoney Win a Trip to the Purposeinc Think Tank Contest Entrants

  9. Bring a back a photo of Pamela Lund for us (well, for me!) ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. This is a surprisingly attractive group. Are SEOs and bloggers all this good-looking?

    Grant Stowell DC