Yahoo Buzz Open to All

I’m currently getting ready for a holiday next week and child spoiling this week (hence infrequent posts) but I’ve just heard the Yahoo Buzz is now open to everybody so needed to make a quick post.

Yahoo Buzz is a bit (some would say a lot, others may even say clone) like Digg, where people submit stories, people vote, stories get promoted etc. Previously only a limited few could submit stories, now it’s open to all so well worth a look and possible submit.

Yahoo Buzz thanks to David (CPA Affiliates) for the link (not so sure about the public CCs though 🙂 ).

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  1. Lets see how much it can gain when compared to Digg/Propellor 🙂

  2. I’ve been looking forward to this opening up for a while now, particularly because like you say Al, the potential Yahoo traffic, plus the sheer numbers of pre-existing members that could start using it.

    Should be interesting!

    Looks like someone has released a Buzz Button WordPress plugin –

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  3. This should be good, as what Al has mentioned, Yahoo! has a lot more traffic than Digg. With the management policy change in Yahoo! to fight off the bids from Microsoft, this move is certainly to increase traffic and popularity of Yahoo! stand in the search engine industry.

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  4. I wonder how long it will be before we see ‘Digg-like clans’ dominating Yahoo Buzz? I’ve pretty much given up using Digg as you need a million friends to get anywhere with your submissions (I’ve only got one friend!) 🙁

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  5. Yahoo Buzz is definitely a fantastic traffic boost. I submitted my first stories yeaterday and they immediately garnered hundreds of unique visitors in a matter of hours.

    If you’re a self-hosted WordPress blogger and want an easy hack to add a Yahoo Buzz button to your existing theme, check out my blog for detailed instructions on how to set this up.

    Oh, and Chitika Premium rocks !!

    Cheers !!

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  6. Yahoo Buzz will be another major traffic driver for blogs that post informative and useful stuff. Since the most popular ones get features on yahoo’s main page, I don’t see how any host can really handle that level of traffic – especially the shared hosted sites.

    FYI: A post about Yahoo buzz by Duncan Riley is the most trafficked page in Tech Crunch.

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  7. Shared hosting sites will definitely have a problem but if you’re on a dedicated server with a good cache proxy enabled it shouldn’t have much of an effect. Not as much as a DDOS attack or the equivalent.

    Dave (The Other One)’s last blog post..WordPress Hack : How to Add a Yahoo Buzz Button to Posts

  8. Yahoo buzz, digg. Aren’t there enough social networks?

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  9. Social Networks find their niche just like industry specific search engines

    • Looks like someone is spamming SMM with meaningless one-liner comments just to get a backlink!!!

      I wouldn’t really care that much, but you’re stepping on my toes with your keywords there bub.

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