Wendy Piersal Launches Sparkplug University

I was recently contacted me by my friend Wendy Piersall from the Spark Plugging Blog Network. She told me about her latest project (one of her life long dreams), Spark Plugging University.

I wanted to write and let you know about a new project we have going on with Sparkplugging – next week we are launching SparkplugU. The Sparkplugging team has started an affordable online learning ‘university’ to teach our fellow entrepreneurs, bloggers, and self-employed business owners what we know. The short pitch is that this is vastly different than other internet marketing trainings available. We aren’t promising anyone will get rich quick, we have a focused, quality curriculum that delivers what we promise, and we aren’t looking to exploit people who want to work at home – most of our courses will be under a reasonable $40.

I’ve followed Wendy for a long time and know the sort of passion and commitment she puts into her work so I’m expecting the courses to be of high quality. I did have a few questions before posting about it here:

SMM: You already provide a lot of great free information via the sparkplugging network, what benefit are people going to get by buying the courses?

Wendy: Great question – we will definitely be getting a little more in-depth with our classes as compared to our blog content. That being said, some people just prefer to learn information in the structured setting we’ll be providing. Other people prefer to wade through information and figure things out for themselves. Frankly, I’m more like the latter person. But I’ve found that a large percentage of our audience is asking for more guidance on how to implement the advice we’re giving, and these courses are the answer to that request.

SMM: As it’s a teleconference I’m assuming we are listening to the speakers in realtime and not a pre-recorded lesson, is that correct?

Wendy: Yes, for now our classes are live. But as we build up a history of courses, we will also be offering past courses as self-paced downloadable classes.

SMM: Is there a Q and A session at the end of the course, if so how do you think this work when coarses have upto 100 participants.

Wendy: Yes, there is Q&A – for our webinars, questions will be submitted via the cat room functionality in the web conference room. On the phone calls, we will have students submit questions via email, or we will have a question moderator on the calls.

Up and coming courses include:

I will be trying some of these out so that I can give more of a review (and they sound interesting), if you enroll in any please let us know how you get on. Also if there are any courses that you would like to see let us know and I’ll pass the info on.

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  1. I have been a reader of sparkplugging for a bit and believe this will do well.

    Matthew’s last blog post..TX54 – Fingernail Display

  2. Sounds like a good range of courses, and at only $40 quite good value. I would share your concerns that the QA could get a bit manic when you have large numbers on the course. It will need some way of controlling the the questions and for me the main value of such a course would be the ability to ask questions at the end.

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