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A bit of a shorty this week as I’ve been out and about a lot and not reading many other sites.

A great analysis and heat map on how people read web pages Thanks to Jim Karter)

This is a cool post by Blog Bloke on the importance of Link Love, I do like some of the blokes posts but find he rants and complains way too much about other “A List” bloggers which really turns me off his blog, this is a shame as he does make some good posts.

The iPhone 3G is out, however it’s not all smooth sailing according to the BBC, Software glitch hits iPhone fans. Patrick also reports on some insane news for iPhone affiliates.

Not a game today but if you were a kid in the 80s you might want to reminisce on one of my friends blogs, Child of the 80s.

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  1. That linking article was a little ‘ho-hum’. Nothing of substance was really stated, and it was mainly in reference to the blogosphere as opposed to linking in general.

  2. Cheers for the 80’s site – I’ve just spent ages reminiscing about my mis-spent youth, with shouts of “I remember them”, or “I used to have one of those” going up every few minutes!

    Lammo’s last blog post..A Day in the Life of… Mark Russell

  3. It looks like the link worked Al, and much thanks for the mention. Constructive criticism is always appreciated too.

    @ Justin, I write for all different levels of knowledge and bloggers. Linking maxims apply to any sort of site including the old school static ones too. If you found the post too easy for you then count yourself as one of the fortunate ones and congratulations.



    Blog Bloke’s last blog post..The Importance of Linking

  4. The cartoon section on the ’80s site is brilliant. I used to love Dr Snuggles. No one seems to remember Mr Rossi though.

  5. I phone is way expensive in u.k. prices are bound to drop.

  6. Thanks for the links

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