Weekly Round up

Godaddy registered their 30th million domain this week rulesofsaving.com

David Kismodels book The Domain Game is out in the US @ Amazon, over 200 pages of in depth analysis of the domain industry.

If your blog gets hacked it can be very costly and often difficult to notice, Patrick has done a great post showing how you use Google Alerts to monitor your site for hacking activity. Looks like some of the big guys could follow this advice, according to PPC Blog, the blog of registra 123-reg.co.uk was recently subject to hacking (Thanks Gaj).

I stopped trading “dollars for hours” a long time ago, Wendy has done a great post on why this is especially important in these times, Why you Will Always be Vulnerable to Recession with a “Dollars for Hours” Mindset.

Jay Blogger told us about an exhaustive and free resource if you fancy learning another language (free).

Pawan has created what looks to be a great WordPress plugin for managing advertising on your site, Max Blog Press.

Worried about being scammed on the Net, Contest Blogger writes about how to avoid it.

I’ve just published the second Coolest Gadget of the week contest, makes for a fun Friday afternoon :).

Not sure if I’d call this game addictive but the graphics are simply cool, can’t remember the number but can anyone gat past the level with the ball and seesaw.

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  1. That game is insane!
    I have finished all the levels. 😀

  2. Yea, I finished all 20 levels, I think the one your talking about, you have to send one guy flying over the box in the center and he falls down onto the seesaw, then you ram another guy into the boulder and it falls down on the other side kicking that one guy on the other side of the seesaw up in the air to the goal.

    • Thanks Doug, I did finally get passed that one. I’m now stuck at the one with loads of falling blocks. Random stick man firing doesn’t seem to work 🙂

  3. I like the underwater camera mask in the coolest gadget contest. But it needs to go deeper than 15′!!!

  4. No problem, that level that your now referring to (I haven’t looked at the game since I last played) I think you have to fire the stick man at some of the blocks to push the exit block over to the right side ledge. My memory might be thinking about a different level though, I dunno.

    Doug’s last blog post..quick oneliner

  5. My husband adores this game

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