Friday wrap June 13th

Seriously this is like “how not to make money online“. Coming to the party a bit late and spamming multiple forums.

If your struggling to read some websites and you feel you have ample desk space Sharp have now put their 108 inch LCD monitor in sale, built to order for $102,000

Yahoo have agreed with Google to run use their advertising technology, will they won’t they Yahoo saga has been getting boring lately so it looks to have been sorted out.

Rosanne over on Net Business blog reports on how a site sold for $33 million, which wasn’t anything special.

John finds another blog valuation tool, and CG came in at:


Al might consider selling for that 🙂 Other funny thing with this widget is not only does the badge link back to the tool (fine by me) it also creates a link to “money . co . uk” which seems a bit dodgy (and have removed from the above image).

An enjoyable game for the windows mobile is shift, made a nice change.

Were you tempted to get carried away with registering 4 letter .com’s, I am glad I wasn’t as the prices are crashing and some folks are going to have heafty renewal fees ahead.

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Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. So Lyndons link bait was not enough for money tut tut!

    Tim Nash’s last blog post..Am I an Advanced SEO?

  2. Loving the sale of Consumer Search for $33mil! Fair play to the guys who sold it, must have been good sellers.

    I’m not suprised to see 4 letter dot coms dropping in value as Ive always thought they are over valued anyway, give me a strong 2 keyword domain over them anyday!

    Chris’s last blog post..Feature On Times Online Blog For Save-Petrol

  3. I find it amusing with those supposed valuation tools. They always seem to over-value the price of the website, perhaps as a technique of viral marketing?

    Daniel Harrison’s last blog post..Ultra-Violet Sun Exposure Warning Card

    • Yeah I’m sure viral marketing is a big part of it (as Tim said with the money link). It’s impossible to value a site from a few questions so just for fun, I find they are either stupidly low or the opposite.

  4. My blog is valued at $30,196 funny how i only started it a few months ago and just kinda forgot about it.

    Peter’s last blog post..Cashback Websites Information

  5. I guess the months to come are going to be excellent times to pick up good domains.

  6. Thanks, I csn’t play the game on my iPhone.

    Yeah right, my blog is worth $334,630. I can’t imagine someone paying 3 grand, let alone 300

  7. How rediculous is that! I just read about that website which sold for $33 Mill and I’m stoked.

    It almost makes me feel sorry for the guy that bought it! Geez.

    Robert Kingston’s last blog post..Energy Efficient Linux Servers

  8. Good thing for me:) Before i was planning to register
    at and now when i read your blog.
    I am very thankful of not pushing through it.

  9. That is a pretty cool blog value calculator… I am pretty sure that it over-states many blog’s value… and I am sure you would sell your blog for a 1/10 of the price tag up there 😉

    One Year Millionaire’s last blog post..Issue 72 : 10 Bullet-Proof Ways to Increase RSS Subscribers!

  10. I didn’t get too carried away with the four letter domains, but carried away enough to feel it. Well we’ll see what happens, the long-term might be good for them…or not. 😉

  11. cameron0800 says:

    James Brausch has created a new program that will help gather more business for your website. The program, Glyphius, takes the google headline you create for your website and scores it against similar websites based on successfulness. After the initial scoring, you can then change your headline to make it as successful as possible. Glyphius will then score your headline again against your competitors. This is truly and amazing product.

  12. 4 letter domains can be very useful indeed if you can get a good acronym around which to center it.

    Me, I’ll stick to humor and making money domain names. 🙂


    Barbara Ling’s last blog post..Instant Nobility – Make Your Own Dynasty in 3 Easy Steps!

  13. The valuation tool seems outrageously high for me (like 200x annual revenue) but perhaps I was optimistic as to readership growth.

    As far as LLLL’s go- an unpronounceable, non-acronymable 4 letters seems worthless to me.

    Jeff’s last blog post..Lazy Geek’s Cushion for Horizontal Computing

  14. My new blog is valued at $100,000+

    I am ready to sell it for half the price.. anyone in fot it? 🙂

    Pachi’s last blog post..Clean inbox

  15. Funny tool that evaluator. I put it completely low numbers for each of the items, undervalued at every step and it says my site is worth $2,004,830. I am scratching my head and wondering what I did wrong? Anyone in the mood to pony up $2 mil for my site?

    Artist’s last blog post..Spotted Hyena

  16. These blog tools are a waste. Their primary intention is to spark off a viral linkbait. As simple as that. This one seems to be really ridiculous.

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