DoFollow, Gravatars and CommentLuv We have them all

I was having a bit of a tinker with the comment layout here on SMM and whilst I was at it adding a few plugins and made the whole site a lot more commentator friendly (thanks guys), so we now have:

  • DoFollow Links – links left in comments are followable by the search engine (not that there will be but any comments containing spam looking links will be deleted)
  • Gravatars – There is now a nice picture next to each comment (you’ll need a free Gravatar account)
  • CommentLuv – This is the coolest IMO, if you have a blog and leave a comment we will automagically deep link to your latest blog post (again DoFollow but and moderated). This should also work with trackbacks 😀
  • Formatting – There is now a bit of spacing between paragraphs (the one change I originally intended to make 🙂 )
  • Add This – At the end of each post there is now a quick and easy way to bookmark and share your favourite posts

Comments and suggestions welcome, especially now for testing. Have fun!

About Al Carlton

Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
Al can be found on twitter at AlCarlton.


  1. Testing how this comment thing works, links, etc.

    Als last blog post..The Ultimate Game Chair

  2. very cool 🙂

    The Comment Luv plugin looks great, I think I may have to give that a try out on my blogs 🙂

    Fatgadgets last blog post..Feature – Geeky Accessories – Steampunk Cufflinks

    • Yeah I really like it, as it is good for both readers and bloggers/commentators. Any posts with titles that are also of interest to other readers have a good chance of a bit of traffic as well as the link.

  3. I’ve been meaning to have a look at the CommentLuv plugin, I’ve seen it in use on a few sites now and it looks good!

    Adam Dempseys last blog post..May 2008 Earnings

  4. I really like the “give something back”-idea like dofollow. Allthough I am sick and tired of fighting spam so on my sites all outside links get a nofollow-tag attached – unfortunatly.

    BTW:A side effect of your changes is that the problem with the comment-section showing up flawed in IE 7 has disappeared (Reported by Jacob at

    • Thanks Bjarke, I had a similar problem when moving things around and finally got to the bottom of it (must admit I had forgotten the problem existed before).

  5. Nice.

    Patrick Altoft’s last blog post..The Times vs Engadget who sends more traffic

  6. The Comment Luv looks like a pretty good tool. I need to get a blog started!

  7. Cool, you have inspired me to make a gravatar. I’m going to have to checkout this commentluv thing a bit more too…

  8. This is the first I’ve heard of CommentLuv I may have to check it out. I’ve been putting off implementing the Gravatar thing for a while, too. I guess I should go ahed and look into that, too. Thanks for the tips.

    Dan Hounshell’s last blog post..Things I learned this weekend

  9. Looks great, I have become a fan of gravatars for sure. They enhance the color & community. I use commentluv as well and feel that it, combined with being able to receive follow up comments by email really make a comments section all it can be. You’ve now got it all!

  10. Well finally, you’ll be able to see what your top commenter looks like 🙂 (not at all like the smiley face)

  11. I’ll have to make sure to download CommentLuv. 🙂

    Susan’s last blog post..Starscape

  12. so pretty cool stuff but the grammar nazi in me went crazy 😀 had to point out that this:

    (thanks guys), so we no have:

    should actually read:

    (thanks guys), so we now have:

    sorry 😀 can’t help it

    oh, and it seems that somewhere the input isn’t sanitized so the that was in my original title text seemed to break things.

    Doug aka nullvariable’s last blog post..How to Fix Alex King’s Popularity Plugin

  13. Not seen the Comment Luv plugin before. Nicely done chaps.

  14. I’ve been meaning to add DoFollow for a while, but my RSI has meant I have very little computer time these days. I’ve now added the Gravatar functionality to my blog but have noticed how slow it is. I’m waiting for the site that has the caching Gravatar plugin to come online again so that I can install it.

    Daniel Harrison’s last blog post..Schoolboy Error – Check Design in all Browsers

  15. How about a plugin that dofollows comments after the commentator has done x comments.

    Ian’s last blog post..Buzz Lightyear heading into space with NASA

    • Nice suggestion Ian, though it does seem a bit like selling links for more comments which I’d expect search engines to disapprove of. By treating every useful comment equally, deleting all spam and especially the link to latest blog posts I think we are being fair to both users and engines, it’s a tricky subject though.

  16. I have to add the gravatar plugin on my site as well; it’s been on my to-do list now for several days. It works quite nicely here on your site.

    And isn’t CommentLuv the greatest?



    Barbara Ling’s last blog post..Define “Blossom” – Day 1 of 7 Days to Making Your Blog Blossom

  17. Well done. Not many blogs these days have dofollow. It was the original method of linking and telling folks about new websites etc. Keep up the good work.

  18. This is very very cool. Think maybe I should move my blog over to wordpress so I can use commentluv.

  19. Yep, I finally got this sorted for my own blog now. Had the DoFollow enabled for a while now, and I’ve not noticed any difference so far in the volume of blog posts. But having the Gravatars does improve the site a bit.

    Daniel Harrison’s last blog post..Link Love: PowerDosh Goes Do-Follow

  20. I’ve had DoFollow for almost a year and I can vouch for it. It does encourage people to comment and people usually leave good ones. I delete token comments such as “nice post” etc. I might put CommentLuv on my blog as well.

    Rob Cubbon’s last blog post..Designing for the digital grapevine

  21. mmm … I guess you need one more thing to add: entrecard 😀
    It helps me to increase my traffic.

  22. I just found comment luv as well and interested to see real live stats. Does it increase comments?

    CVOS the Man’s last blog post..No Penalty Claim For Duplicate Content

  23. there are a couple of plugins for bookmarking,
    1) addthis
    2) share this and
    3) socialable

    which one do u recommand?

  24. Wow! It all looks great but how about how to get your users to do the seemingly impossible task of signing up for a blog and posting an Avatar… Any secrets to that one?

    Cactii’s last blog post..GPS Tracking Systems for Cars, Pets and People

  25. what are the benefits if any for a link building campaign. does anyone think that by using comment luv it will increase pagerank?

    If it does then fantastic, i’ll be using it more often.

    Lets face blogging is sometimes tediuos but if comment luv will provide a link to help increase my PR for my seo firm site, then its defo got to be worth the time

  26. Thanks for the tips Al, I’m in two minds about re-enabling dofollow on the site, but I’ve got CommentLuv enabled and the AddThis button is much better than the Sociable plugin I was using previously.


    Zath@Technology Blog’s last blog post..Beyond Good and Evil

  27. Hiya, i think that everybody should do dofollow, i have dofollow on my site, but i wont tolerate spam, cheers, Mick…

    mick’s last blog post..Newspaper costs in europe are a total rip off

  28. Interesting!
    CommentLuv helps you reward your commentators by separating their name from their keywords in the link to their site. This gives them improved anchor text, which can help their site rank higher in the search engine results.
    You can now leave a comment with your name as well as a keyword of your choice here and get a PR5 link back to your site! How cool is that? People pay big bucks for that and all you have to do is comment here.

    JS@BusbySeoChallenge’s last blog post..Busby SEO Challenger Sphere Going for the Top Spot Again

  29. I keep trying to install commentluv, but for some reason, the positioning of the icon and button are all jacked up. Whenever I try to move it with that Div thing, it ends up not working. I’m about to give up on it.

    Augie’s last blog post..Video: How Real Estate Investors Control Properties in This Market

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