A few more interesting links

Want to read books while at work, the New Zealand Book Council certainly took a new approach to building their site.

Patrick posts about insurance for bloggers, I’ve had a few legal wranglings in the past so this sounds like a good idea.

Google being moaned at for not not providing a prominent link to its privacy page.

Google announces GMail Labs, if you use GMail this is a great way to try out new features

Tim Ferriss ta;ls about mini retirements, something we should all try I reckon. Hat tip to Google Tutor.

Today’s game is an oldie but fun and a great use of Google Images, guess the google, I scored 201 can you do better?

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  1. Did you write “201” correctly? Or did you mean “2010”?

    If you meant 2010, then that’s not too shabby. My highest is about 1400, but THAT was a lucky day where I’d spent about an hour doing it.

    You kind of just get in the zone and start realising what people expect to write.

    James’s last blog post..Vernon Koekemoer having his 15MB of Fame

    • Yup, 201 was my score. How did you manage 1400 there’s only 10 questions 🙂

      • Once you get into the groove of things, you’ll see your score get higher. I think it’s a case of if you both guess right the first time, and with a weird word, you get higher points.

        Just quickly ran a little test to see if I was talking rubbish and got 680 points…

        James’s last blog post..Vernon Koekemoer having his 15MB of Fame

        • My new high score is 242, I’ve no idea how you manage to get such a score but you have me well beat. (I beat Scott though 🙂 )

  2. 240 for me, fun game.

  3. I got 319! Got all but one of them!

    Adam Dempsey’s last blog post..New MooPlug Release Coming Soon

  4. I got a 270 my first time through.

    Dan Hounshell’s last blog post..Things I learned this weekend

  5. It’s funny that Google recently changed their adsense policy requiring users to put up a privacy policy on the websites that run Google ads.

  6. 282 for me

    Garry’s last blog post..Buttercup and Daisy [Flickr]

  7. 313 on my second try, not bad… (But I sucked on the first.)

    This is not the game to play when I am supposed to be working.

    Jen’s last blog post..PC Dice

  8. Wow, insurance for bloggers – I wonder how they’d price those policies. Do you pay more if you blog about celebrities or niches where you’re more likely to steal photos/get sued?

  9. Interesting must reads for bloggers. Thanks!

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