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Google’s laser logo

Google has a new logo today to celebrate the invention of the first laser.

Elmer runs into Michael Kovach in Starbucks, Michael bought in 1993 and kept it until 2006 when he sold it to Apple.

Another hubby puts his cheating wife on Ebay

The BBC reports on a recent online acquisition:

Television company CBS has agreed to buy technology news and entertainment website CNET for about $1.75bn (£900m).

Today’s game is Stunt Plane, pretty cool.

Cool post over at iThinkMedia, are you a geek, well are you? Thanks Wendy.

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  1. Oh… that was what it was about. I saw the logo and couldn’t quite figure out what the point was 🙂

  2. Sounds like I might be a geek then 🙂 although I already knew that.

  3. Ten out of fifteen for me – looks like I just might be a geek…

  4. I tend to agree with the first commentary, as I thought it was just another attention grabbing logo designed to numb my mind. But I have also trained myself to ignore this type of thing, for good or for ill!

  5. Ten of of fifteen for me also. Google logo has changed back, though it looked weird yesterday.

    I recall seeing it change for St Patricks day nothing I’m sure nothing happened on St Georges day.

  6. 5,00,000 Pound bid for a wife :O , man would really be interested in buying, BTW she did the right thing by adding harassment charges on him!

  7. Ten out of fifteen for me as well. I see a trend here lol.

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