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Last week I wrote about the benefits of networking in person, in today’s post I want to share the general format of press event for bloggers. The event I went to on Friday, was for the release of the new LG Secret mobile phone (read my review of the LG Secret).

The event was held in one of the suites at Mayfair Hotel in London, I was going to stay in the same hotel until finding the prices started at over $600 a night, so maybe not (though funnily enough at the place I did stay (Mayfair Millenium) I got upgraded to a $1,200 a night suite which wasn’t that special considering the price (which there is no way I’d ever of paid)).

The format the blogger event followed was pretty standard from my experience:

6.30PM – Nibbles and general chit chat
This consisted of free drinks and canapés (which I don’t think were to anybodies taste) and was also a chance to network with the people from LG and other bloggers. I got chatting to Gaj and the gorgeous Saf from Gaj-It, they were both really nice and knowledgeable people and I’m sure we’ll help each other out in the future. I also met with Steven from UK Gadgeteer, can you guess what that site was about.

7PM(ish) – LG Presentation
The presentation was led by Jeremy Newing, the LG UK Marketing Director. He was a cool guy and open with all of his answers, though their a few “That might be in the pipeline but we can’t talk about it yet” answers. I won’t go in to the phone here as that’s not what this site is about (as previously mentioned you can read the review here). The presentation was then followed by open questions.

8PM – 9PMish – Play with the LG Secret and Mingle
After the presentation we were all given an LG Secret play with and keep (though I’ve got 3 different people after mine) and had another opportunity to mingle with other bloggers. I was chatting with the lovely Amanda from PSFK and Priyanka who’s a pen for hire and interested in attending next years CES 🙂 . I also got another look at the the Mac Book Air, courtesy of Ewan from SMS Text News and as my Mac Book Pro is something of a brick I am highly tempted, thanks Ewan!

The only complaint I had about the event is it was over too quickly, I could of happily spent an extra hour chatting to other bloggers and the folk from LG. If you get an invite to one of these in the future I’d highly recommend attending.

On the Saturday I got the chance to meet Romanian celebrity blogger Bobby Voicu who was over in London for some training. He was another cool guy that I hope to visit over in Romania some day (along with fellow gadget enthusiast Jen). This was another conversation cut somewhat short as I’d pre-booked tickets for the show, The Wicked (which was exactly that).

So thanks to LG for the invite and cool phone, and it was great meeting everybody at the event. If you want to follow I now twitter semi regularly 🙂 . My next post will be about finding different networking events to attend, so if you don’t want to miss it why not subscribe to our feed.

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  1. Ok then Al, I call dibs on your old phone!! You lucky dog you!

    • I’m keeping my old phone I’m afraid Fred, as cool as the LG one was I need the GPS and keyboard of my current one, if it wasn’t for the GPS I’d never of found the hotel 🙂

  2. Certainly sounds cool. Might be worth starting a gadget blog, if only to get invited to these type of events I could do with some free stuff…:-)

    • Even though the phone was free it probably cost me over $1,000 with hotels, food, beer, trains, taxis and show tickets.

  3. So how do you get invited to these events?

    • I’ve worked with LG a couple of times in the past (I think I have/had 3 of their phones now) and they contacted me in the first instance. However my next post will be about finding networking events, so keep posted 🙂

  4. Great post Al.

    You’re definitely right, that networking is a must when blogging and this event proved to be just that, as Gaj and I got to meet you and the rest of the bloggers.

    Thanks for your comments as well and we’ll look forward to speaking you again as there’s lots we can learn from you!

  5. Hah!! (I knew you’d be keeping it,, that thing is so cool!)

    In the next few months I’m moving forward on a new phone,, still no idea what to do, and the US phones on the network I’m on,,, are horrible (I doubt that LG phone will be stateside for years) arrrgh!!!

  6. count me in as well for your visit in Romania 🙂

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