Fridays Links

Over on Get Rich Slowly there’s a cool interview with Tim Ferris from the 4 hour work week fame.

Microsoft releases Internet Explorer 8 Beta 1 (looking at the release notes it’s not that big a deal) and also Microsoft Office Live a currently free online version of Microsoft Office.

Cool interview with Matt Mickiewicz, the Co-Founder Of

AOL to Start 12 New Web Sites to Attract Advertisers according to Bloomberg

By the end of this year, AOL may have topped the 20 to 30 sites it introduced in 2007, said Bill Wilson, executive vice president of programming, in an interview in Dulles, Virginia. lays off 40 employees and starts a makeover as women’s site throwing in the towel for search. Source.

Gates is no longer the richest man, Warren Buffett steps up to no.1 spot in the recently released billionaire list. Forbes also have the secrets of the self made in pictures which is worth a view.

Matt Mullenweg the creator of WordPress is to speak at Elite Retreat, I’ll be sure to report back on what he had to say, source

Cool looking series going on over at Connected Internet about blog and server optimisations, thanks for sharing Everton.

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  1. I was initially excited about Office Live, until I realized that you need to own Office 2008 to experience the full functionality. Oh, and there’s no real-time collaboration.

    Google Docs FTW!

  2. What no game? you know I don’t need to do any work honest!

    On serious note the IE announcement came with one tiny important details the “standards” compliant mode which went somewhere near an acid test will be on by default rather then the current IE rendering engine. My suspicion elite Mozilla commandos poisoned the water causing this strange bug!

  3. Johnston says:

    Aww, i was hoping for another addictive weekly game haha. Nice round up, the release of ie8 is pretty good news for web developers, atleast when released it will be standards compliant! The acid3 test is out aswell, which cripples all the browsers at the minute, so it gives them all something to race towards πŸ™‚

  4. Sorry Johnston and Tim, I need a productive Friday, so no game πŸ™‚

  5. The new IE is supposed to be a lot more adherent to the web standards compared to old versions, so it maybe easier developing sites that are cross-browser compatible (well you can hope).

  6. When you say you’re going to “report back” does that mean you’re going to Elite Retreat? I hope so, because it would be great to meet you.

  7. Doh, I just try to use IE7 and then try to use IE8. Simply like use YM stable than using last beta version.

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