Friday Links sells for a reported almost $10 milllion!

Google now offering payments via Western Union, hat tip to Google Tutor.

Work on multiple machines, synchronise bookmarks, cookies, open tabs and everything with Google Browser Sync and Firefox, found via Digital Solecism.

Another new service from Google, is Google AdManager which will let you manage ALL your ads from a central point, could be very cool but invitation only at the moment though [via Tech Crunch via Blog Herald].

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–AOL announced today that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Bebo (, a leading global social media network. Together with its AIM and ICQ personal communications network, the acquisition will give AOL a premier position in the fast growing world of social media with a network of approximately 80 million unique users.

Business Wire

Game: Linkaball – patience is needed!

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  1. I’ve known about Browser Sync for a while but never got around to testing it, I might have a look at it at last as I can never remember if I browsed a site at home or work and have to search through two sets of history etc

  2. Is it Friday already Scott?

  3. there is game

  4. I was quite excited about Ad Manager, but now that I look into it I don’t think it’s exactly what I’d thought. I thought it would be one central place to manage PPC and banners etc, but it seems more to be for publishers. I think…

  5. Mathhew from Gadgetvenue,

    Nice new design for your blog. Can I ask you (if you don’t mind) whether you designed the new look yourself or did you get a web designer to do it. If latter, how much did it cost? Thanks

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