End of March mix of merriment

Do websites have things to learn from slot machines, the BBC reports on how website need to chance with the user, people surf and act differently depending on whether they are at work or at home, user behaviour needs to be studied and applied immediately with websites changing in real time. The BBC also had a web 2.0 face-lift recently allowing widgets on the homepage to be moved and customised, check the retro clock in the top right 🙂

An enjoyable read about arbitrage and the greed of domainers over at ‘is it me or is everyone else stupid’

Just for pure inventiveness I am glad a US Court recently said it was ok for a man to use his website, t-shirt and novelty items as a parody to the giant that is Walmart which I spotted at Domain News, the court rejected the trademark infringement so Charles Smith can continue to use the domains Walocaust.com & Walqaeda.com – excellent!

If your looking for a game, don’t bother, look away, close the browser…..or if you really have nerves of steel then how about the self proclaimed world hardest game, and if you do play it don’t do what I did and get to the other side and then remember you were meant to collect the yellow circles.

I love those… so stupid they can’t be true stories, so for your pleasure…Chicago police caught an 18 year old would be dumb ass thief – when told that only the boss could open the safe and wasn’t around the thief left his cell phone number and told the garage to phone him when the boss got back, they obviously phoned the police and he was nicked.

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  1. In South Africa, we have a little bit of a telecoms monopoly by a company called Telkom. And, one of the more popular websites in SA is hellkom.co.za

    Telkom TRIED to take the site down, but it didn’t work, though I’m sure the creators of the site were very grateful for the publicity after it was all finished…

  2. BBC has changed the site so people can choose the colours they prefer and then save it. Its only applied to the home page though. I do use the BBC quite a bit for their football and cricket sections and sometimes the news and business sections as well.

  3. The link to domainnews.com is dead. The link should be http://www.domainnews.com/en/news/wal-mart-parody-ok-says-us-court.html

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