Links and Stuff on 22/02/08

A new addition to BlogRush (the headline sharing widget) is Traffic Jam, a supposedly easy way to see what is happening in the blogosphere.

Niall Kennedy has come up with a very cool script that you can use to display Social Bookmarking buttons only to your readers that have visited those sites by looking at the current user’s browser history. Full article here and live sample there [found via 43 folders]. Sells for $300,000 while gets $850,000 at TRAFFIC

The .asia name extension is underway and open for general landrush registrations.

MySpace are rumoured to be trying to find a partner to take on iTunes

I don’t think Jeremy needs any more links or traffic but his post on Why You Should Embrace Negative Press is a Shoemoney classic.

To follow up on my Gadget Box review, the order turned up Wednesday morning so only took two days, excellent. However I’ve not been credited with any affiliate income which explains the zero percent conversion rate which I can now chase up.

After the time suckers post I’ve decided not to post a game this week (I reckon you all need DTD practice anyway 🙂 )

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  1. Now I’ve got to decide is the lack of game enough to warrant removal from the feed reader, seeing as you now wrecked my plans for the weekend (stay in and play random game that Al provides)

    • Sorry Tim will try to make it up next week. Also did you get the email I sent (I seem to get caught up in a few spam filters sometimes).

      • Sorry Al I did get it but its been a manic week, and yep it was in the junk folder but I tend to scan it anyway just in case. I will get myself in gear and do a huge burst of emails.

  2. With regard to your zero affiliate income then unfortunately this sort of occurance is far too common in affiliate marketing and I have countless examples of where it is the affiliate who highlights that a merchant’s tracking is amiss.

    Just a fact of life and there are plenty of other merchants out there. Once you have got the sale you then experience the wonderful world of ‘reasons for deletion’!

  3. Good luck on getting the affiliate cash… With the amount of traffic you sent, it should be a couple of coffee’s at least.

  4. Regarding the Traffic Jam, I got the email, but I just deleted it (don’t have a lot of time for R&D right now). Can you explain it a little more? Is it worth my time to look into?

    • I believe that Traffic Jam is a John Reese initiative. Looking at the pages then it seems taht all links are done via redirect so from a SEO perspective it looks like they are of no value.

      If Traffic Jam gets real visitor traffic and you can work out what you need to do to get yourself on the top category pages then you could get some traffic but how you do this is shrouded in the mystery of their algorithm. Call me cynical but my guess is that the main beneficiary will be the network runner, a bit like the old 3 for 2 type of banner exchange, 3 in fro you, two out to you and one for me to monetise!

      Just my first impressions.

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