Leap Year Links

If you agreed to the new terms of service for Adsense but couldn’t be bothered reading it all then fear not as Jensense has explained it in English.

Interview with me by Dan @ PowerDosh

An interesting post on sponsored themes at Blogstorm and the thread over at Google groups is well worth a read if you dabble in SEO.

Nice article by Ling Valentine on how to market your site offline.

A free copy of the 2007 Domain Roundtable Conference DVD is available at Domain Tools in previous years the DVD of the conference has been sold for $500.00.

Al has issued a Productivity Warning! You might want to stop reading this and skip down to leave a comment. There is now a multi-player version of DTD, so you can challenge friends to create mazes at the same time and see who clears each wave first. It’s called the Casual Collective and has a few other games by the same author/coder/programmer of DTD. It has the slogan “Social Gaming and Casual Networking” and is pretty cool. We’ve created the group SELF MADE MINDS if you want to play, sorry πŸ™‚

Matt over at BloggingFingers.com is giving away a free eBook entitled Blog Monetization Strategies you need to pony up your email address but it makes interesting reading especially for the beginner.

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Scott hails from the north east of Scotland and started earning online at the end of 2000 building websites for local businesses during which time he won an award from Lord Alan Sugar for Excellence in Enterprise. After having quite a bit of success with domaining Scott mainly runs educational evergreen websites which generate over 3 million visitors per month but is always on the lookout for a fresh thinking out of the box way to turn a buck. Follow on Twitter.


  1. It’s a good job Jensense explained it all. I would have missed a vital part there in the first section.

    I wonder how many couldn’t be bothered reading it. I was one of them πŸ™‚

  2. I didn’t read it either πŸ™

    Great article from Jensense, very helpful πŸ™‚

  3. Well, I’ve given them my address now, let’s hope that DVD is worth it!

  4. I wonder what % of people just agreed to the new adsense terms and conditions. I know I didnt read through it. So much faith in the big G

  5. Scott, thanks for the link to the Google groups discussion. Fascinating stuff. A cautionary tale for anyone trying to boost their search engine visisbility. Made all the more potent by the presence of our Google overlords in the discussion.

  6. I am sure someone will post a nice and concise privacy policy sooner or later and more buzz will be created before we actually need to do anything.

  7. I had difficulty in locating that Jedsense article. Here is the exact link for anyone else that had trouble finding it:


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