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Analytics for iPhone Games

I’ve mentioned in a few posts how I experimented with ClickBank last year, I never went into any great detail as it was one of those things that would of been really easy to duplicate. However I find you don’t see many real life example on how programs convert and as I’m not really pushing it any more I thought it would be good to share my findings and results.

The page in question is this one on iPhone Games and it pushes the ClickBank program iPhone Nova (a pay once, download as much as you like service). The page came about when I received this email from a guy called Silver:

I put together a list of 100 free games for the iPhone. At this momet it’s the largest list of it’s kind and i intend to keep it that way by adding new games every day.

I think a short article about it would interest your readers, since iPhone is a hot topic and the general belief is that there are not enough games for the iPhone.

Thanks for the oportunity, I watched your evolution on DP and your site was a source of inspiration when i created my project.

I get a lot of emails like this but as he’d taken the time to personalise it and had also created a great list of games I made the post basically just pointing my readers to his site.

This was back in September, in October I found my page was starting to get a fair bit of traffic for the term “iPhone games”, upto 1,500 visitors a day at one point. So to make the most of the traffic I found a ClickBank affiliate program to promote as I described in this post.

In total for November and December we made 83 sales which gave us a commission of $2,402.10. It would of been more but we started losing our rankings for that page at the beginning of December (we are currently on the second page of the SERPs). One of the things I noticed is the page that we originally linked to overtook us, which is absolutely right as it was the quality page the people would of wanted to find first off instead of via us, so I enjoyed riding the wave while it lasted.

I’d generally recommend if you are promoting any Clickbank products don’t share info about it with everybody 🙂 .

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Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. Interesting – I don’t even see you on the first page for “iPhone games”. Has it dropped off now?

    I guess someone else caught on to how profitable organic results can be.

    • Yeah we are on the second page now, so sales have dwindled somewhat, I’ve not promoted the page at all so was surprised to have any rankings in the first place.

  2. Nice post. I love to see examples like this.

    What was the highest you ever got on google with that page? If you are on the first of the SERPS do you expect to make a significant of sales, or do you need to be even higher up (top 5 or something) to really see it take off?)

    • Same here, though you can only really share these historically unless you want a load of competition that knows all about what you are doing. The page was at #2 for a bit, though one of the reasons it didn’t make as many sales as it could is because we have FREE in the title which will attract clicks from the SERPs but not from the sort of visitor that would neccassarly buy something.

  3. Thanks for the info… Currently see you at no 11 but nowhere in the other search engines.

    I must admit I thought clickbank was just a bunch of low quality e-books.

    • Clickbank does have a some quality products. But I think that it is really all about the niche and the author. In my niche there are some great ones, but a WHOLE lotta crap.

  4. Lucky you.

    I guess somebody somewhere decided to improve their ranking in order to improve their revenue too from their pages.

    But at least you made the most of it while you could

  5. smart move from Silver, but as long as your still earning as much, then competition is not as stiff. So far, your site is still on the first page 🙂

  6. I forgot to ask, do you also use Amazon?

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