Links and things on Friday 18/01/2008

Yesterday I wrote about my experience with Clickbank, coincidently I’ve just had an email from telling us about a Clickbank guide they’ve just written, check it out if you’re interested in that money making stream.

Dave has done a very original post entitled, What Do The Top Bloggers Drive?, so if you’ve ever fancied learning what the likes of Mr Chow and Mr Schoemaker drive around in you can find out. Scott and I also made the list and I reckon I’m on there with the crappiest motor 🙂 .

I bought a Mac last week and I reckon Darren wrote this post specially for me, 14 Essential Mac OS X Applications for Bloggers.

It’s a bit of a short one today as Scott is laid up with man flu (get well soon mate) so here’s a game he can play from the comfort of his bed, 3D Logic, leave a comment with what level you get up to (level 14 hurts da brain) 🙂

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Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. I drive a Renault Megane at the moment with a dodgy drive shaft that’s about to fall out. I also have a Capri but haven’t driven it for ages.

    The bloggers car list was interesting. Although Mondaeo’s aren’t that bad I would have thought you’d have got your self an M3 with those December earnings :). But, what’s the point of spending all that money on cars really? I’d rather have a more secure future and money in the bank to be honest.

  2. Scott — hope you feel better soon.

  3. Renault Scenic for me. A nice kid lugger. I’d like to give Shoemoney’s hummer a go in tesco on a saturday morning.

  4. thanks for the link to the mac apps – hope they’re helpful. Enjoy that new mac!

  5. I got me an old beat up 97 Ford Ranger pickup. I need to work harder on my SEO to change that.

  6. Hmmm I wonder what I would have had to say if I was chosen for this article! Seeing as I don’t own a car, would I simply state my brand of trainers?!?

    – martin Reed

  7. Hmmm

    I liked the guy that doesn’t have a car. How could you be that rich and not have a car?

    I also liked the fact that all them bloggers can get them expensive cars just from running a website.

    really inspiring 😀

  8. Cool game Al, took me a while to work out how to play it but managed to get to level 16, get’s a but messy then.

  9. Thanks mate for pointing out a good clickbank guide to follow. I love seeing success stories to motivate me even more.

  10. Which Mac did you get? It’s your first I assume? How are you adjusting? It took me a couple weeks to get it all down, but now it’s been over a year and I won’t go back!

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