Links and Stuff on Friday 25/01/2008

Another 6 figure UK domain sale with MediaCorp buying for £135,000 a good deal for the buyer I would say.

A very very bad day recently for one guy with his life savings in stocks crash on Sunday, even a video of him watching $31k disappear. Warning: *Lots of swearing* if you play the video. I am sure Jerome Kerviel would happily accept loses like that 🙂

UK homes to get to fibre laid in sewers & get speeds of up to 100Mbps

Fibre firm H2O provides super-fast broadband via the sewers and either Bournemouth, Northampton or Dundee

Google leads search share with 58%

Disappointing results for Ebay lead to their boss quiting

One of America’s top businesswomen, Meg Whitman, is retiring as the boss of eBay on an off-tune note as Wall Street punishes the internet auctioneer for a slowdown in its once-phenomenal rate of growth. The Silicon Valley firm announced that Whitman, 51, is stepping down as chief executive in March to make way for her righthand man, John Donahoe.

I’ve just been interviewed by UK Offer Media, you can read the full transcript over on

If you’re in the UK then January 31st is deadline day for your self assessment tax return, so if you made any earnings for the year ending April 5th 2007 you need to declare it and pay any tax owed round about now.

Vladimir left us a great comment on our setting up a blog checklist advertising his insure your blog article, a very worthy read.

Every since Christmas our dining room table has been out of action due to a 10 year old getting an exceedingly difficult 1,000 piece Doctor Who jigsaw, so today’s game is this animated Jigsaw, as a site/tool idea (this may exist I don’t know) how about creating a tool that automatically creates these puzzles of user submitted videos, if you do let us know.

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  1. Spose the broadband could be described as “shit hot” broadband 😀

  2. I live in Bournemouth, so super speed broadband for me 🙂

  3. Nice interview Al… Good promo for coolest and this site.

  4. 58% of searches seems a bit low compared to to stats on w3counter

  5. Excellent article, I found the link to Vladimir’s blog article very useful!

    Rich 😎

  6. Nice find there

    I can’t wait to see that 100MBpS coming here in the south 😀

    That would make a change to my 8MBpS

    Also thanks for pointing out the ebook


  7. Wow. You are way nicer than I am about the puzzle; I would have used that thing for fire kindling a long long time ago.

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