Links and Things – 7 December 2007

I’ve got to thank Scott for the majority of this post, this has been my busiest week of the year so I’ve not been browsing other sites much at all, so cheers again Scott.

Digital Point Banned!!! from Adsense, this thread was just funny, the ads dissappeared for a bit and speculation was rife, even had people offering to buy the forum because it wouldn’t be worth as much since it was banned (which was pure speculation in the first place).

We heard last week that Yahoo are going to be putting ads in PDF’s, looks like the BBC has underestimated the potential income available and is now going to be showing ads to non-UK residents.

John Smith, chief executive of the corporation’s commercial arm BBC Worldwide, said that it had underestimated the amount of money they could make online, and its target of getting 10% of total revenue from internet activity was too low.

Electric cars could be used in the future as storage for power, the average car only gets driven for 1 hour in every 24 meaning for the rest of the time its redundant – they could help the grid a lot by storing power making it more efficient. New Scientist sells for a rather cheap $100,000 a great deal for the buyer, on the other side of the coin sells for $50k a nice deal for the seller there I’d say.

Marketing Pilgrim jobs board has an opening on it for a full time SEO for TicketCity

No games today but Scott found this very funny parody on .com’s/domains and social sites (via Name Strategy

Can’t see the video? Click here.

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  1. Adsense is working on DP again. They’ll have to start their pagerank threads instead.

    I’m not sure that the revenue sharing isn’t open to a little abuse though.

  2. So glad it is Friday! Have a good weekend everyone.

  3. The whole “DP losing it’s ads” was hilarious – can you imagine if something SERIOUS was to happen. Shawn must feel like he lives in a goldfish bowl. Reminds me of when he toyed with YPN on there for a while 🙂


  4. Nice finds there!!

    BBC with ads lol I find that funny.

    But atleast its only for international viewers. Just imaging the potential.

    Also the idea of running a car as a storage for electricity sounds great, but who do it?

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