3 Ways to Benefit from the Christmas Season without Selling

Christmas Card

I’ve already written about the fact that I’m concentrating on affiliate sales at the moment (though having fun with Adsense at the same time). Christmas traffic is great for affiliate promotions on product related sites, but if your niche isn’t particularly Christmas friendly how else cam you benefit from this time of year?

Make Friends and Contacts

This time of year is a great reason to get in contact with totally ignored long lost family members. So why not take this to the online world and drop a friendly Christmassy email to other site owners in your niche. Don’t ask for links exchanges or anything like that just use the season to make contact and touch first base (in a totally business sense). I’ve had a Christmas card image designed that I’m going to send out to people in my address book and related sites I’ve not been in contact with yet.

Christmas Linkbait

Even if your site isn’t product related there are likely some Christmas linkbait content ideas you could try. Say like Scott you have sites about tattoos, you could do a post titleed “The 10 Worst Christmas Tattoos Ever”, with all the crap tattoos I’ve seen in my time I’m sure there must be at least a dozen Christmas trees out there. Have a tutorial site write a tutorial on how to create a simple Christmas game or image. Photography, how to shoot the perfect Christmas scene. Financial site – “How to make your budget stretch over Christmas (or how to find affiliate link really cheap loans.

Learn from Partying

At this time of year you tend to get invited to a fair few parties, use these as opportunities to network and find out what other people are doing and searching for online. Get out of your comfort zone and talk to people who are in totally different social circles to you and see what you can learn. People are so much easier to approach and strike up a rapport with at this time of year. I’ve had all sorts of web business ideas chatting to people down the pub about totally non Internet related stuff.

Other than the obvious extra sales what other ideas do we have of making the most out of things this month, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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Al quit the 9 to 5 rat race in January of 2007, before then he was a software engineer and systems architect of financial system. Nowadays Al spends the days running his various businesses and experimenting with different ideas and opportunities.
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  1. It is a great time of year for buying domains and sites, everyone needs money for Xmas so a good time to catch people who may consider selling, even if they are holding out for a big price it’s also a good time to ask for some Xmas cheer and knock another few hundred of the price šŸ™‚

  2. On my forum I started a competition where you could win christmas related stuff (DVD’s etc). I’m hoping this will increase activity over there (and a bit of linkbait as well).

  3. Is this the linkbait that you’re talking about? šŸ˜›

  4. On my site, I’ve had a couple of posts related to Christmas, and they have generated quite a bit of Google search traffic!

    It’s amazing how any people are searching for Christmas/holiday stuff.

  5. great idea,well it can be used in autoresponders too i guess.

  6. Good post. I like the article of Chrismans Linkbaiting…just have to think of something that people will want to see…

  7. lol

    making the most out of xmas

    I have to say that the best internet ideas are the ones that are born out of need of the general public. And that’s the best way to know what they need


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