That’s a wrap! – Friday 9th Nov

Bloglines creates a(nother) top 1000 list of feed subscribers (using Bloglines), found courtesy of Darren over at ProBlogger.

The EEE PC is released in the UK for under £200 and is is on Scott’s shopping list for his son’s Xmas present with a 7″ screen, wifi and 3 USB ports.

The Next Internet Millionaire Episode 12 is available, down to the final two Charles & Jaime to launch a product and win the right to be Joel’s JV partner.

Google’s Next Rest Stop? Gas Stations

Screens at gas pumps made by Gilbarco Veeder-Root will be fitted with internet connections that display Google Maps.

Facebook facts you may not know found via Clicks

50% of Facebook users return to check their profiles every day. With (currently) 50,000,000 users that means there are 25,000,000 people checking out Facebook each day.

Facebook serves 40,000,000 impressions every day.

There’s also an interesting article CNN about Facebook’s ad stratergy.

Fabulous have sold in what is rumoured to be a $150k+ deal.

Oop I nearly forgot (thanks Steve), this weeks game is the trickier than it looks Stackopolis.

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  1. Wot no Game 🙁

  2. Thanks Steve, game added now. No games for me this week as I’m busy trying to flog as much as possible to Christmas shoppers, actually had one spend $500+ on a laser hair brush, crazy 🙂

  3. What I don’t really understand is what Google gets out of the gas station deal. More mind-share?

  4. nice finds there
    Where can I buy that laptop here in the UK? I have a friend that might like it. Also isn’t 7” a bit small?

    for next friday I think you should have linerider: (a really addictive game)

    • 7″ would be perfect for sitting on your knee, light and robust – ideal for my son 🙂 I have mine preordered with Clove

      • It’s just the memory is a bit low

        I would love it if they had something above 50GB

        Though its a great xmas present for a child. Their first laptop with a webcam and Wi-Fi, not bad

        • I might get one of them for Christmas. A laptop is cool but when carrying it around to various events and stuff I would much prefer something a lot smaller that can still do everything. A smartphone can acomplish that but I wouldnt mind an actual tiny PC I can write posts with and easily hold in 1 hand. I personally use a laptop for sitting with the family rather then stuck in my office.

    • I’m posting right now from the EEE PC and i can tell ya it’s a pretty good machine. Unfortunatelly, the resolution is not so great, but i can’t ask too much from a 300 euros laptop…

      The Sony Vaio TZ also came before my eyes a couple of weeks ago. It was better, but 6-7 times more expensive. So, if you’re looking for a very cheap and portable laptop, the EEE PC is the best solution. Not only for kids, but for grownups too 🙂

      • Mine is also on order from PCWB, I’m not sure yet whether to keep it for myself for when on holiday, give it to the other half to use at shows or let my daughter have it for Christmas, so I might have to buy some more if it’s any good.

      • How do you think it will go with only 4GB?

        Is it possible to expand it?

        Also I read its a USB memory stick, how does that work?

        • I will only be ‘borrowing’ it for light internet access, my son will use it for browsing/online games/google video etc so nothing much will be stored on it and it should be more than up to what we need.

        • Regarding the memory, how easy will it be to expand? Also I read its a USB memory stick, how does that work?

  5. Nice post! The game is really trickier than what I thought about it at level 1.

  6. My Asus £200 laptop has just this minute turned up and so far looks pretty good for the money.

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