Questions Answered about the $132,994.97 Adsense Check

If you ever need motivating these photos should do it, the legendary Shoemoney cheque. I’ve seen the above picture numerous times before and it always makes me smile. I hit just over $17K from Adsense last month but seeing how Jeremy was pulling over $100K from Adsense 2 years ago shows me I still have a long way to go.

This is the first time I’ve seen a breakdown of another publishers Adsense account (it’s normally against Google’s TOS to show these figures but Jeremy got permission) and what I find really interesting is that even massive publishers see huge variations. The eCPM of pages varies between $3.14 and $24.61 which is just crazy.

Another factor that makes this even more surreal is that Jeremy makes more money from affiliates (Azoogle was his affiliate of choice last time I heard) than he does from Adsense. Check out his full post over on the Shoemoney blog and thanks Jeremy for sharing your stats.

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  1. This kind of thing makes me sick in one way, and positive in another way.
    Sick that I’m not earning much from adsense or affiliates.
    Positive that it can be done.
    I have a looooong way to go, even $100 a month would be a massive improvement for me!

  2. Just noticed that cheque in the pictures was dated on my 30th Birthday!

  3. I think this cheque was from a time where Jeremy earned primarily from Adsense and later moved towards PPC experimentation and CPA ads fro monetisation through Azoogle. Awesome daily stats though and v. nice to be able to see the ‘full picture’

  4. The daily breakdown really makes it stand out. The big deal here is impressions. Most people can get the CTR and CPM that he did.

  5. Look at his CTR, its quite bad. I wonder what would have happened if he had managed to push it to 2-3%!

  6. Yes, CTR is really poor but he is getting more than $1 per click!

    That must have been some high paying niche. And Adsense probably doesn’t pay that much anymore for that niche.

  7. The CTR is poor but a lot of the views were on a forum I think, and that sort of CTR on a forum is pretty good IMO. The subject is ringtones, which I’d expect to still be pretty high as a competitive field for affiliate sales, the site the check is from is nextpimp

  8. I’m pretty sure this ain’t possible today. 22$ eCPM is huuuuge. I have like 6$ in my best days, and that’s very rare. Usually, an eCPM of around 3 bucks would be OK.

    Al, i’m curios on your average eCPM for those 17k$ from Adsense. Is it above 10?

  9. That’s nice to see someone elses stats looks like he follows the peaks & valleys I experience also, at the end of the day its difficult to compare eCPM & CTR last month I averaged 7.80% for $11.41 over all sites one single site averaged 19.26% $42.93 with a few thousand impressions, its best day coming in at 27.73% $55.66. comparing apples with Oranges is difficult.

  10. These are just amazing results.

    Some days he was getting over 500,000 page impressions and averaging $4K a day!

    I’m not sure if it is motivating or demotivating to see this sort of thing, though. πŸ™

  11. wow they are some crazy stats! I wish my blog her making 1% of that a month

  12. WOW, these amounts make me sick, how some people can gain so much for displaying some text on their website.
    Nice Sum by the way

  13. I’ve never tried Adsense, but having seen that cheque I think I just might.

  14. Makes me think he can afford a decent haircut πŸ˜‰

  15. Its not really that easy to make the amount of money, a individual can do it after 3 years of serious hard work may be πŸ™‚

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