Black Friday Roundup

For those who celebrated I hope you had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, I threw a last minute Thanksgiving dinner party and the kitchen now looks like an absolute bomb site, need to get that sorted before Christmas.

This is a new one I found out about this week, MSN now have their own webmaster tools and something that looks a bit like Page Rank with green bars (I’ve a 5 but no idea what the scale is), check it out at thanks to Paramormal Hunt for posting about it on DP.

YouTube desktop now becomes, you can now download videos and convert them to a variety of formats enabling you to put them on your mobile.

Does the future of the internet involve traffic jams and gridlock, Nemertes Research thinks so and $55 billions needs to be spent by 2010 to stop it.

“The next Google, YouTube, or Amazon might not arise, not because of a lack of demand, but due to an inability to fulfill that demand. Rather like osteoporosis, the underinvestment in infrastructure will painlessly and invisibly leach competitiveness out of the economy.”

Frank makes a nice post on what he would do if he was starting today with a bankroll of $250k

Today’s game is the old but still highly addictive Bow Master.

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  1. So what about the other end of the scale, say I had just £250 ($500) to spend on domains with the idea of making money in some way, what would you do? Is it even worth trying it on such a low budget?

    • I would go for it if I were you. Start small and gradually build up while you learn the ropes. It’s far better to loose $50 then loose $5000 if you are new to the game.

      • I would say yes, you could also say almost every credit card company in the UK offers 0% interest for 12-14 months, if you can get two cards then you can get buy for up to your limit and then transfer the balance and have those domains for 12-14 months in which time they may well have appreciated.

        If you don’t want to borrow then I would look for future domains by reading journals and buying ahead of popularity.

  2. Thanks for the credits link i enjoy your website very much, also dp is very nice..
    Ill be visiting your website frequently and reccomending it to my friends 🙂

  3. Thanks for the tip about Microsoft’s Webmaster tools.
    The PR-ish bar appears to have a scale that’s is limited to a single site. That is, site’s homepage MR (Microsoft Rank – my term 🙂 ) is 5 bars and the rest of the pages are measured down from that maximum level.

    Also, wanted to point out that it’s still a bit buggy. For example, it did not validate correct URLs with hyphen in the domain name (using FF, not IE – maybe that’s a part of the problem)

  4. Thanks for this round-up

    Good info

    Any more info available about the MSN Rank? How does it work? what do 5 green boxes mean?

  5. It did ok with hyphens for me but im useing ie..
    I had 2 sites with hyphens in the domain and worked ok.. mabye firefox was the cause, i found 1 bug myself when i valadatd 4 sites and all interlinked and one got baned but when i removed one, the other was un blocked lol

  6. Btw Abdul 5 greens means the best 😀

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