That’s a wrap! – Friday 5th October

Google starts offering Adsense payment via Western Union (not in all countries mind). are giving away $10,000, to enter just enter the promo code when submitting, winner will be picked by Shoemoney.

On the subject of give-aways, ProBlogger has $54,000 worth of prizes on offer at the moment. Happy Birthday ProBlogger and Darren also explains why Problogger no longer uses Adsense.

I came across this video about ‘are paid links bad?’.

Jim Westergren sells SEO Fusion for $157,700, very nice!

Today’s addictive game is Fun Copter an old one but a good ‘un, my record is 1601. If that is too simple (but fun) for you try Jelly Battle.

A woman in the US has been ordered to pay $222,000 in damages for downloading music, that’s over $9k per song. Source BBC

Your worth $256 to Facebook as a member after Microsoft’s recent rumoured $500 million offer for a 5% stake in the business valuing it at around 10 billion. New Scientist.

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  1. Is there a facebook self made minds group 🙂
    10 billion… is that just a little silly?

  2. The day that Google starts offering AdSense Payment via PayPal will make a lot of people happy. But I guess WU is a step in the right direction anyhow.

  3. Dang! BOTW contest only for US citizens.

    Anyway, thanks for the link since the %15 discount still applies to everyone.

  4. that Microsoft takeover is mad.

    i am really annoyed about missing it on problogger’s free blog listing. :S

    That fine is mad too. They have no way of proving she did it. And if she did do you really believe she cause that much damage? It’s mad I tell you.

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